Glen Wylds- Wind turbines forced family from farm in Ripley – 2009/ Part 2

Glen’s home and farm in Ripley was surrounded by 38 industrial wind turbines. This movie was taken 2 years ago in 2009, when Glen had already been forced to buy a townhouse in Kincardine to live in, only to return to the farm to care for his cattle ~550 head of cattle.

In the spring of 2011 the Ripley Wind owners Acciona and Suncor, bought out four homes that were negatively affected by their machines. But the wind companies deny any health issues, stating “No link between the operation of our Ripley Wind Power Project and the health concerns of our neighbours could be discovered, and so no damages were awarded or necessary.” After watching this movie — you decide whether they should have a guilty conscious. Does this buy-out demonstrate a “commitment to work with residents and the community” as the company suggests?

Shame on our provincial government for allowing this kind of human displacement to happen in our rural townships.


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