Unanimous Ad.-Met. Twp. Support for Moratorium on IWT’s

Just for the record (TCI, Suncor, NextEra, IPC and all the other wind companies that have so much interest in this blog) Adelaide-Metclafe township council passed a SECOND resolution asking for studies before wind turbines — this time UNANIMOUSLY:

Municipalityof Central Huron – requesting that the Province of Ontario declare a moratorium on all current and future projects for on-shore and off-shore development of wind energy facilities. Resolution was SUPPORTED. 

 Monday July 18 2011:

1. The municipality of Central Huron had a resolution that was circulated by AMO, that was asking again for a moratorium on wind turbine construction. I thought they would just ‘file’ it. But to my surprise it was voted on and supported unanimously!!  I was so surprised in watching this, even though it had been voted on in Dec 2009 (but I have no idea who supported it). We’ve come a long way in 2 years…a LONG way.

2. Second item was wind turbine building permit fees. Right now our township asks for $500 flat for each turbine concrete base. Building official Jeff Denomy was asked by council how much inspection is involved with each turbine. He said each turbine takes about 3 inspections, but then noted when he talked to Lambton Shores Building Official Randy Lovie (where turbines are located), he was told that it wasn’t the inspection that took up time, it was “all the phone calls from people…after the fact.” That was left hanging in the air. Being a bylaw enforcer, I can only take that to mean “noise complaints”. Wow. Inspection – easy, but dealing with the mess afterwards, not so easy. Makes me feel sick just thinking about it.

$10/ $1000 for a turbine was what Jeff thought was reasonable. There will need to be a public meeting, I believe within the next month or 2, maybe. Kurtis asked if the public actually has a say, if council will change the number if the public asks for it. The answer was yes.

3. Kurtis was bringing the issue of an e-agenda up, again. He said he has asked Clerk/Admin/Treasurer Fran to do a report on e-agendas, but she never did. Fran said she gave a “verbal report”. She printed off agendas from other municipalities, didn’t pass them out to council members, never looked into pricing, pros/cons etc. Fran retaliated with “I’ve been here 15 years and have always done it this way and it has worked”.

It was pointed out that the e-agenda is actually very much a time saver (eg. You don’t have to number 150 pages of the agenda). It is also a HUGE benefit for the residents of the municipality. Kurtis said if a resident looked at the agenda today they may read the item that says “HATCH, public meeting” –nobody knows what any of that means or whether it is something they should attend. Or how about the building officials report: there were 30 items discussed during this meeting (including the wind turbine permit fee) and none of them were listed on the agenda – there was no way anybody would have known that there was a discussion on any of these 30 items. David asked if it would cost more, and Fran said “it WON’T cost anymore”. This is where things just clicked into place. It wasn’t a question of doing a report anymore, it was a question of whether council wanted an e- agenda today. Betty Ann enthusiastically voted in favour, as did Kurtis, and David as well!

Remember that horrible little chart I sent out at municipal election time? One of the questions to candidates was: “Would you support having an agenda available, before a council meeting, that includes digital copies of correspondence /background reports/pertinent links so the public can access this information before it is discussed and voted on?” Kurtis’ response was”I fully support the idea of having a full, detailed agenda well before the meeting. This allows the public to have the same knowledge coming into the meeting as the municipal council”

Check, DONE!



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