Energy platforms of the political parties to date

So what are the energy platforms of the political parties to date? Below, some of the key points made by each party.  These are just short notes taken from the various political party handbooks. Please read the handbooks provided in the links to realize a complete picture of the energy vision of each political party.  (Thanks to Jane Z.)

The Liberals

  • According to recent news stories, the Liberals still wish to proceed with the 7 billion dollar deal with Samsung, but have shaved off 134 million dollars from the deal. The Premier recently announced 80 million dollars will be given for the construction of electric car recharging stations.
  • The Liberal party has not released a platform per se…but rather a document entitled: Our Plan.
  • From the energy section:

The Progressive Conservatives

The PC Energy Platform:
Summary of some points… please refer to the complete Changebook for all platforms, promises and details:

  • Will close down coal fired plants in Ontario by 2014 – will replace them with natural or biogas generation.
  • Will place a moratorium on industrial wind development until independent peer reviewed health and environmental impact studies have been conducted.
  • Will restore planning authority to the municipalities – planning rights with regard to industrial solar and wind projects were taken away from municipalities under the Green Energy Act.
  • Will rescind the existing large scale industrial FIT contracts.
  • Will cancel the Samsung deal.
  • Will eliminate the HST and Debt Retirement Charge from electricity bills.
  • Will end mandatory compliance with time of use meters.


The NDP Energy Platform.

Summary of some points.. again, please refer to the entire document in the link for details:

  • Will redirect money being spent on nuclear and invest it in home energy efficiency programmes.
  • Will phase out coal plants by the year 2014… but will keep them on emergency stand-by until it is assessed if the plants can be replaced by biomass.
  • Will not build any new nuclear reactors.
  • Will exceed the Liberal’s target for renewable energy. Will maintain FIT contracts for small and community based projects. New large renewable energy projects will be moved towards public ownership.
  • Will honour all existing renewable energy FIT contracts and deals including the Samsung agreement.
  • Will promote natural gas as a supplier of hydro with a target of 5000MW over the next 10 years.

The Green Party

Energy Platform:
Summary of some points.. please read the entire platform to flesh out this party’s vision:

The Green Party position on renewable energy as quoted from the handbook:

  • “The Green Party recognizes that a sensible energy policy prioritizes local ownership of power infrastructure. For example, rather than large-scale wind farms owned by foreign corporations, imposed against the will of the community, we need both the ownership and the profits of power projects under local control. This can take the form of community energy co-ops, private projects with local equity partners, or municipally owned power production. It is clear from other jurisdictions around the world that energy projects are more successful and supported when the community has a direct stake in the success of the project.
  • The Green Party supports policies to ensure that communities hosting energy projects share in the benefits. The direct benefits can be in the form of municipal revenues from energy sales, reduced energy costs from preferential municipal pricing, or direct profits to local owners, all of which recycle into the local economy.”
  • Will reinstate and expand home energy programmes.
  • Will pursue energy conservation through combined heat and power projects.
  • Will create a new hydro infrastructure – a smart grid.
  • End the dumb use of smart meters and support programs to help people use smart meters to save money on their electricity bills. We support using existing technology to help individuals and businesses use smart meters to measure their energy use in order to identify and verify savings.
  • Opposes the construction of new nuclear facilities.
  • Opposes back room deals such as the Samsung deal.
  • Will increase hydro generation and will purchase hydroelectricity from neighbouring provinces.

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