White Pines Project (Adelaide-Metcalfe)-more from those TCI *@#$%^&

Like anybody needs to or wants to know about this, but good ‘ol sell-out TCI Renewables is scratching together another project for Adelaide-Metcalfe 80-100MW (~50-70 wind turbines).

Directly from from TCI’s website, here’s their plan:

Location: Vicinity of Adelaide-Metcalfe Township, Middlesex County, SW Ontario
Capacity: 80-100MW
Stage: Feasibility (Complete), Land Acquisition (On-going), Pre-development Works (Complete), Currently in Development Phase


TCI Renewables (TCIR) identified the Adelaide-Metcalfe area as a viable location for wind energy back in November 2006.

Landowners in the area were also eager to explore the opportunity to develop a clean energy project in the area. TCI commenced formal environmental and technical analysis of the area in 2007 (including wind resource assessment, environmental analysis and transmission studies) combined with entering numerous long-term land option agreements which culminated in the development of the Adelaide Wind Energy Centre.

TCIR partnered with NextEra Energy Resources Canada in 2009 and the Adelaide Wind Energy Centre was submitted into the Ontario Power Authorities (OPA) Feed-In-Tariff Program (FIT) in November 2009 as a ‘launch project’. After progressing through the first Economic Connection Test (ECT) run by the Ontario Power Authority, the project was awarded a FIT contract for 60MW in July 2011. The ECT is in the process of allocating transmission capacity amongst projects that are ranked in order of priority based on the date of submission.

The transmission region known as ‘West of London’, is currently transmission constrained and hence further FIT contracts will be conditional upon the conclusion of two transmission initiatives being undertaken by Hydro-One and the OPA in accordance with the Long Term Energy Plan. The positive news is that the area West of London has been identified as a priority area for upgrades of the existing infrastructure to facilitate the connection of renewables (500MW) and for building a new transmission line between Sarnia and London (1000MW). The Minister of Energy has actually issued a directive on these specific transmission projects and work is now underway.

This has recently been summarised in a presentation by the Ontario Power Authority. See pages 21-26

Upon conclusion of the associated studies the OPA will award further FIT contracts to projects that have submitted a qualifying FIT application and posted the associated financial security.

Given the above progressions in long-term policy TCI have identified the opportunity to commence development of a further wind energy project in the area and the project will be known as the White Pine Wind Energy Centre. TCI have accumulated over 6,000 acres of land under long-term option to lease. The project will be developed with the view of achieving commercial operation in the 2015 – 2017 timescale and we will update this website as development continues. At the current time we anticipate depositing a FIT application to the OPA and issuance of a Notice of Engagement in the coming months. Please refer to the figure below for an indication of the location of the White Pine Wind Energy Centre.


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