Turbine dangers proven

Letters London Free Press Nov 22nd, 2011

In the article McGuinty’s rural point man (Nov. 21) Minister of Energy Chris Bentley is paraphrased as saying, “both the provincial and national chief medical officers of health agree there are no health concerns attributable to turbines.”

What he has missed is that the Environmental Review Tribunal’s Thamesville decision from July 18 states: “This case has successfully shown that the debate should not be simplified to one about whether wind turbines can cause harm to humans. The evidence presented to the tribunal demonstrated that they can, if facilities are placed too close to residents. The debate has now evolved to one of degree.”

Bentley needs to get up to date and start the conversation where the decision by his government’s tribunal left off — human health is affected by wind turbines, period.

Esther Wrightman, Kerwood


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