A Deceiving drive-by of the “Brooke Wind Project”

Let’s take a closer look at the signage around the Zephyr wind development:

Let me know if you see the project owner’s name anywhere (or any variation) on these signs. Do you see “Oneworld”, or “Greenbreeze”? Noooope. Hmmm. OK, how about “Stantec”? Huh.  Geeze these reps were everywhere at the public meetings, and they are nowhere to be seen once the turbines are being constructed. Here’s one that HAS to be there- “ZEPHYR”. Nowhere to be seen. Well that’s confusing.

Hey- check out what they DO have: such as”RES”—I’ve never seen them associated with this project. And “Minten Hume Contractors Inc.”,  another one you won’t find in the ‘project documents’. Or how about the project name: “Brooke Wind Project” – that’s not officially the name of this project (Brooke-Alvinston Wind Farm).

Imagine you are a passerby, or a nearby resident and you think you might like to know a bit more about this project that you are driving by. You scribble down the names, drive home, type them into the google search….and…..nada. Apparently this project doesn’t exist. It’s a whole pile of alias names. Do you think the company did this all by accident? Or maybe the intention is to confuse the public- make the info a tad more difficult to find – hope that people give  up, don’t get educated, don’t get involved.


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  1. This all looks way too familiar; so typical of the wind company; same strategies used in different communities. “If you can’t convince them; confuse them”. The wind companies are like mafia. Wouldn’t it be great if one day they all disappeared, “poof” vanished from the face of this earth forever!
    It won’t happen unless YOU make it happen. Before you know it, the turbines will be up.
    We are in this together. We must stick together. Run these bastards out of town. Talking about it isn’t enough; always the
    same old song and dance. I have experienced this. I am still living the nightmare. McGuinty and company has destroyed my home; I continue to pay for a place that is toxic, worthless. I no longer live there. Low frequencies brought me close to death. I have not fully recovered. Life s HELL.
    PROTECT your family and home. Knowing what I have lived through, knowing what I know now; over my dead body would the turbines be brought to my community.
    This will not go away. YOU must make it stop.
    PROTEST. You have support of the people of Haldimand. Ask them to come. They are people of their word. Ask for the support of the people of Wind Concerns Ontario. Writing letters to the government does nothing. We have been ignored, written off; and you will be too.
    We have been BULLIED and steam rolled by the government and big wind companies. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Do whatever you have to, to stop this mad destruction andamone the government and wind companies, deal with the fall out…later.
    This seems surreal; IT IS REAL. It IS happening.

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