Name Confusion? White Pines = Adelaide II wind project…

So the contract that farmers are being shown are called “Adelaide II” but all the publicity call the project “White Pines” (wherever that is). Oh no, no confusion there…

From TCI Renewables (who will flip this project to NextEra):

“Adelaide II was a longer term project based on the view that the transmission lines in the ‘West of London’ transmission area would likely be upgraded to facilitate the connection of additional renewable capacity. Given that there were a few projects called Adelaide already, we decided it was best to change the name to White Pines in an attempt to avoid confusion.

This project is in the early stages of development and therefore the project infrastructure has not yet been identified or designed. We will issue a project notice and notify the public as per REA guidelines, in the event that this project moves forward in the development process.

As for the overall project area however, the project will generally be located to the west of the current Adelaide I project area. Sorry we can’t be any more precise at this point, but we’re still evaluating the project constraints and transmission options.”


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