Suncor’s Adelaide Project – as if we don’t have enough planned already…

For those of you in Adelaide/Strathroy area, do look at Suncor’s “new” Adelaide map (more detailed than the one below) . It has the location of all the turbine projects in the township (minus White Pines) – Every turbine is mapped out. Not pretty. 

Points to note—people in the North end of Strathroy are now in the “turbine zone”. Eg.: Turbines will be ~1000m to Buttery Creek subdivision.  And a biggy–can anyone find the Strathroy HIGHSCHOOL on this map??? Yeah, it isn’t marked as a school, and just so happens to be less than 1500m from two turbines, and many more to the North. I’m getting kind of tired of all our schools being immersed in these turbine dead zones. 

Suncor’s Adelaide Wind project website

REA Application Documents

  1. Notice of Project Engagement and Draft Site Plan (PDF, 1 pp., 1,057 KB)
  2. Notice of Project Engagement and Draft Site Plan – Mail Out (PDF, 2 pp., 1,998 KB)
  3. Project Description Report (PDF, 38 pp., 1,712 KB)
  4. Draft Site Plan Report (PDF, 32 pp., 1,932 KB)
  5. Draft Site Plan Map (PDF, 1 pp., 1,697 KB)

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