Zephyr towers going up & blades arrive… & they ‘fix’ the roads again…

 The intersection of Ebenezer and Churchill was built up quite a bit to repair the road when the tower pieces couldn’t make th corner. But then they spent another whole day building it up even more for the blades that arrived and they had to store at the barn (in the pic)… the flatbed with the blades wouldn’t make the turn.

Thursday morning at 9:00ish, two small trucks with 4 way lights, cop car all lights, flatbed and blade, cop car all lights, then two more pickups with all lights flashing SPEED came down Churchill. You’d think it was the bloody Queen in town!! All three blades are now on site since the road was modified and widened at the intersection (for the 2nd time). The tower will go up quickly now, as soon as the weather is clear. 

48.7 meter blades on site.

Tower going up and road beign repaired, agian.


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  1. thank you Windaction for posting this info, people must see what is happening. Yesterday, more tower sections arrived and this aft. at 1:00 pm I was held up at the intersection of Ebenezer/Churchill by the two OPP vehicles and other trucks with all lights flashing for 15 minutes while one piece of a tower was turning the corner. These things are HUGE! I can’t believe that the OPP had two officers and two trucks employed for this one piece of tower section. Returning home after one hour I saw another section of tower on it’s flatbed at the site. How much taxpayer dollars are spent for each section of a wind turbine? Think of all the sections for the 4 turbines at Churchill Line. That’s a lot of OPP cars and double the truck escort for “EACH PIECE” of the tower. Closing a road, for an unknown amount of time is crazy, this is just one intersection. What about all the hundreds of miles before each and every piece arrives to the location. The tower sections came from Windsor and the blades came from Kansas. Can you imagine the traffic interuptions along all those miles, when we know that hours and hours and hours were wasted at one intersection to get ‘r’ done?

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