Protest Zephyr Wind Development!

When we arrived, and were starting to pull out our signs, a large flock of tundra swans flew over us- it’s a month early for their migration.  The wind company rep Brent Hull says the, “The migratory path is several kilometres away from the site”. Well today it was directly over the site, Brent. Watcha going to do about that? Put a sign up there directing them to some place different??? Just like you do to the residents?


Posted on February 7, 2012, in Green Breeze, Schneider Power, Take Action, Zephyr ERT, Zephyr Project. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. The Tundra Swans are protesting, too!!! They were there to greet us! I hope they will continue to come every year if they can make it thru the “landmines” (wind turbines). I am amazed they made it from Chesapeake Bay, Mass. Let’s see what there numbers will be this year at the “Tundra Swan Festival” in Grand Bend, Ontario. I hope Tourism Ontario will pay attention. No Tundra Swans, No Tourism!

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