The pics that wind reps DON’T show farmers….(this is Zephyr)

So this is the Brooke-Alvisnton Zephyr project from the air yesterday. I’m just looking at al those tracks across the fields — were they crop touring , or what? Why even have roads and lanes if they don’t use them? Nice and gentle onthat land, eh?

Then imagine you are driving a tractor— you used to have a straight field to plow, but now you are wheeling around the lanes and towers; your field is all cut up into triangles and squares. Be sure to calculate in the extra time and fuel to plant, plough and harvest this field.

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  1. “Let them eat Wind”……….Dalton McGuinty, 2012

  2. I actually sat through an Essex Council meeting where the land owner with 14 of the 24 turbines here complained that the road way for the turbines was 3M from the ditch and that narrow strip was too small to farm and who was going to pay to maintain that strip?? It was hard not to call him a stupid fool during council meeting

  3. Enjoy these aerial photos now… in a few short weeks the monsters will be done and then spinning and you don’t want to be anywhere near them in a plane taking photos like this .

  4. No respect for their neighbours, no respect for the environment, no respect for the tax payer, no respect for future generations, no respect for their OWN PROPERTY. Probably no respect for even themselves.


    For those landowners out there who now regret what they’ve participated in, break the silence and you’ll be redeemed.

  5. We will now completely cover our front 2 paddocks in trees so we do not see our neighbors 42 Giant Wind Turbines and the substation just across the road from our place. This will mean we will lose the income from these 2 paddocks as we will no longer crop them no animals will be allowed in them for up to 4 years till the trees grow just so we do not look onto the hills across the road we will probably still see all the 42 turbines as they are going to be 145 metres tall but we do not want to see the SUBSTATION which is an even worse eyesore in this magnificent rural community in South Australia just out of the world famous Barossa Valley wine making area. Just think how much money and food will be lost to the economy if everyone next to wind “farms” did this. Please think neighbors before you devastate some one else just like we have become devastated. We cannot eat trees but they will grow and compensate a little for the complete decimation of all the hills across the road from us..A real Greenie

  6. Those pictures demonstrate shocking contempt for the agricultural future of that land. The layout of the access roads could scarcely be designed to eat up more cropping space. What was the date the photos were taken? Who was the erection contractor? In the bad old days, during the construction of pipelines through productive agricultural fields, the utilities and their contractors drove all over and caused lasting damage to soils and drainage just like these wind idiots in the photos. Farmers put their foot down and forced the construction practices to change. Now, top soil must be stripped and stored prior to construction and then put back after construction. Driving access is limited to subsoil only.

    • Hi Tom- Photos were taken Feb 10th. Not sure which company is really in charge of putting these turbines up: Green Breeze, RES, Samsung? Lots of company names floating around. It’s a mess.

  7. In the two weeks prior to Feb. 10, using max daily temperatures recorded at Windsor Airport, there was not a single day with freezing conditions through the day. It would be good to know whose trucks rutted those fields.

    • Plus they started construction as soon as they could in November… it has just been rain and mud mud mud ever since. But they gotta get these turbines running before the appeal…
      As for the trucks- there were the crane operator trucks, the gravel trucks, the cement trucks, the blade trucks (getting stuck), the tower trucks… My guess is RES is doing the construction with Samsung overlooking the turbine part, as GreenBreeze doesn’t have any experince with construction (obviously!). Of course this really doesn’t give turbine construction crews a good name…and sure makes the rest of us (esp the farmers) very antsy with how the land and roads are treated.

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