Feb 21st – Go to your council!

Everyone needs to go to their council meeting on Tuesday Feb. 21st.  Things that are happening are specifically noted below. Half of winning is showing up!

7:00 p.m
OK, there is nothing on this agenda, thanks to our clerk. We even had a councillor try to get this info on, but to no avail. SO…be there.
The councillors DO have this in their package (the clerk decided that we the public should not see it):

Counc. Kurtis Smith is going to present a proposal to the council on the decommissioning fees for wind turbines, which is connected to the building permit fees. Let’s be there to support him.

Lambton Shores:
7:25 p.m
. – Marcelle Brooks – Re: Consideration of Two Motions Concerning Industrial Wind Turbines

All of Lambton Shores – be there. Marcelle needs your backing – pack the chambers!

North Middlesex: (first one has to do with ‘renewables’ too….)
7:00 p.m.G.R. Eagleson Consulting – FCM Sustainability Fund Program
7:45 p.m.- Lambton Middlesex Wind Action Group (Muriel Allingham) presentation

N. Middlesex- this is your chance to speak. You need to address your council with as many people as possible. Muriel can’t ‘make’ people – YOU have to go!

Plympton Wyoming:

7:00 pm
– Advertised Public Meeting – Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment Regarding Wind Energy Conversion Systems
– Draft Zoning By-law Amendment – By-law Number 15 of 2012

 ***Please remember to bring packages for the Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment Regarding Wind Energy Conversion Systems Public Meeting @ 7:00pm (included with regular agenda package)

Plympton Wyoming- there are lots of good strong voices in your community – get out there – we need to hear you!Shove it back at TCI Renewables. Make a show of force.

Thanks everybody – this is really important – now is the time, not later when it’s too late.


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