Sign letter to support moratorium!

Please take a moment!  Before the Bill is presented, we need to send 1,000 letters to all MPPs CLICK HERE.

Thursday March 8th, MPP for Huron-Bruce, Lisa Thompson will bring forward a Private Member’s Bill at Queen’s Park calling on the legislature to pass a moratorium on further wind turbine development until there is a health effects study completed, and the results addressed. 

Support at Queen’s Park that day would be appreciated


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  1. Please support MPP Lisa Thompson for a moritiorium on wind turbine development. I clicked the red button and am getting some responses from other MPs who are supporting this bill.

  2. Hi Lisa; I applaud your motion you put forward on Mar. 8th. I am so sad we lost. I supported you in the election ,as I did the PC party over all.My question to you is : Why were 10 PC members absent for this most important vote. I hope absolute corruption is not at work here. A explanation would be most appreciated. I have people at work wondering ” why ” also , and I have had no answer for them. Regards, Bob Mencel / RR 2 / Ripley / Ontario.

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