Put foot down on turbines

London Free Press- Letters to the editor

Power to the people

Regarding Winds of change blow for municipalities (Feb. 28).

I’m glad municipalities will have more authority on the subject of wind turbines. These turbines deplete property value, leading to empty homes in some counties. Wind farms are detrimental to wildlife (bats, migrating birds) and some link wind turbines to human health concerns.

The concept of green energy is merely a public relations game, aimed to sway the voting public. There is nothing green about these turbines, rendering lots of wetlands useless for migratory birds, and known to kill bats and other birds.

Adding to this, there is no funding allotted for the removal of these turbines. They are simply allowed to rust away, creating an eyesore to the public.

Please stop bringing in these windmills and select more environmentally-friendly power sources.

Aaron Simkovich


Put foot down on turbines

Regarding the editorial Rural Ontario set to blow up at McGuinty (Feb. 25).

I agree with Mark Davis, deputy mayor of Arran Elderslie. There are times you must do what you feel is right. Municipalities are merely asking for a one-year moratorium on wind turbines – not much to ask when the premier tyrannically took away control of wind turbine installations via the Green Energy Act.

If the Rural Ontario Municipal Association thinks a walkout on Premier Dalton McGuinty’s speech is shortsighted on the turbine issue, please walk out and help stop the destruction of small, rural and northern hospitals. If this is not enough, think about the closings of rural schools, allowing multinationals to bid on busing, and the shutdown of abattoirs.

One way or another, he must be stopped.

Anne Stewart


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  1. Give Green A Rest!

    A big thank you to you both for all your comments, I can’t tell you how muchly appreciated they are, we need the big cities and surrounding towns to join us in the fight to save our homelands. Please keep rallying for us!

    thank you!

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