North Middlesex council supports resolution

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From the North Middlesex council Feb 21st minutes  (sounds pretty positive to me …? Keep at it N. Mid!):

DELEGATIONS: Lambton Middlesex Wind Action Group

Muriel Allingham and several members of the group attended the meeting to present to Council two motions with regards to the Industrial Wind Turbines. The presentation included motions from Arran-Elderslie and the group wishes for North Middlesex Council to uphold the request for support from this municipality. As well, in accordance with neighbouring Municipalities, they adopt and develop by-laws to incorporate the risks and liabilities inherent to the construction and operation of Wind Turbines in our Communities. These by-laws include amended building permit fees, decommissioning costs and risks, Road and Infrastructure permitting, firefighting requirements and High Angle Rescue development. Several pictures were provided of the construction of turbines in the Watford area. Council thanked the delegation for attending and advised that they were not in a position to make a decision at this time.

Later in the meeting, Council had an opportunity to consider the motions from Arran Elderslie. A discussion then ensued regarding the request to walk out on the Premier at the Ontario Good Roads Conference.

Deputy Mayor Hall expressed that the Good Roads convention is an opportunity to hear the Premier. It is disrespectful to the Premier and Good Roads Committee. SCOR set up discussions with the government to make representation on various matters including this topic. He supports the issues but do not feel walking out on Premier serves that purpose.

Councillor Ropp expressed that individuals must make up their own mind on the issue and not be forced to leave. Councillor Ropp indicated he would do it.

Councillor Cornelissen expressed that a walk out would not likely achieve the desired result council should not dictate what each member does according to their own conscience.

Councillor Moir expressed that he fully agrees with delegation.

MOIR/ROPP: That Council support in principle the ideas expressed by the delegation regarding wind turbines and the nature of the Arran-Elderslie motion but respects individual rights of each Council member to make their own decision regarding taking action at the Premier’s speech at the OGRA/ROMA Conference.



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