Turbines mar landscape

London Free Press
The Ontario Liberals are blind to the mess they are making.

Industrial wind farms are a disease on so many levels:

In terms of green energy, they are expensive and unreliable. Right now, Dalton McGuinty is exporting Ontario’s excess power to other provinces and the states for a fraction of the cost. We Ontarians are saddled with the losses. Just last week, the National Post tells us, “Average Ontario household power rates will be the highest in North America except for Prince Edward Island by the end of 2013.”

In terms of aesthetics, our beautiful province will be marred by these monsters. In daytime, they obstruct our beautiful countryside and the light flickers as the sun reflects off of the moving blades; in the evening the beautiful stars are marred with red lights that smother the skyline. Why will tourists want to come?

In terms of health, there are real concerns with the low-level noise, vibrations, disruptions to air pressure and the effects of light flicker — from headaches, sleep problems, to concentration and memory problems, to dizziness, nausea, and depression.

MPP Lisa Thompson’s private bill calling for a moratorium on further wind development until third party social, physical and economic health and environmental studies have been completed was crushed by the Liberals and NDP on March 8.

It is never too late for us to take action. Together we will make a difference!

Betty Vanhie
Ailsa Craig


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  1. Ms Vanhie makes some excellent points. We must all stand together to stop this disease.

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