MPP’s hear concerns over wind and green energy

McNaughton hosts townhall meeting

By Alana Power Strathroy Age Dispatch

Since being elected as Member of Provincial Parliament for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex, Monte McNaughton has continually heard from constituents regarding their concerns over wind turbines and green energy.

In order to address these concerns and hear from the members of his riding in person, McNaughton hosted a Wind Turbine and Green Energy Townhall Meeting at Amy’s Place in Strathroy on Monday, March 12.

The banquet hall was packed, with over 300 people in attendance. Also attending the meeting were MPP’s Vic Fedeli, the Progressive Conservative Critic for Energy, Bob Bailey, Rick Nicholls and Lisa Thompson.

Speaking on behalf of the Wind Action Group, a group “opposed to aggressive wind turbine development,” Rose Keunan raised the issue of decommissioning the wind turbines once their life span is finished.

“We want reassurance that there will be sufficient funds to remove the turbines,” Keunan said.

Richard Wakefield, who runs the blog Ontario Wind Performance, spoke out against the turbines.

Wakefield voiced the opinions he states on his blog, challenging the statements that wind is a viable source of power, that wind can replace other sources of energy.

While many spoke in opposition to the wind turbines, one of the presenters held a different opinion.

Mary Ann Hendrikx, a farmer in Adelaide Township, spoke up saying she has a lease with a wind company and does not think that wind energy is a negative thing.

“I believe it’s the government’s job to take a long-term view of the province’s needs,” she said. “I think it’s extremely naïve to believe that cheap energy is a continuing possibility.”

MPP Fedeli spoke after the presentations, telling the crowd that the Green Energy Act is a noble cause, however how it was implemented caused problems for Ontario.

“They took your rights away,” he said.

The Ontario PC Party supports restoring decision making powers to municipalities on local renewable energy projects. They also want to enable local governments to approve or disallow future large-scale wind or solar projects within their boundaries by empowering them to create rules, city zoning amendments or bylaws, for example.

“I was pleased to hear from so many different members of our community about how industrial wind turbines and the Green Energy Act are impacting their lives,” said McNaughton. “I will continue to stand-up at Queen’s Park on behalf of our communities, on behalf of local decision making, on behalf of a moratorium on further development and on behalf of ending the costly FIT program.”


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