Husband of Adelaide Metcalfe CAO rages violently at woman as he heads into “closed door” meeting

Report from Adelaide Metcalfe,  March 20, 2012:  We came early- 5’oclock, just in case some councillors actually came early for the ‘preview’.  We wanted to make sure there wasn’t a quorum happening, as this closed door meeting general public was not allowed in between 5:30-6:00 – only landowners with leases and municipal council to ‘mingle’ (see letter below).  We took pictures of those who entered the building. 

The only one who really minded the camera was Adelaide Metcalfe ”sunshine list” Clerk / Admin/ Treasurer’s (Fran Urbshott) husband.   As the pictures attached show, Mr. Brian Urbshott came in, had his picture taken then hurled towards M. and swatted the camera out of her hand before it was away from her face— hence the pictures of the signs in a blur.

He said he was “going to shove the camera (*censored*)”.  He came back at her two more times, reaching out and and smacking at the camera and yelling loudly at her.

The last time his wife grabbed him from behind by the belt and pulled him away. You can see her holding him off in the last picture.  Notice the Security guard hired by Suncor.  He just stood there and watched. 

 So…why was Mr. Urbshott so upset?  Why all the secrecy at this closed door meeting?  Why was the husband of the CAO allowed into a meeting where the public was banned?


Closed door meeting with landowners/Councilors:

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  1. The scene that Mr. Urbshott created during the closed door meeting was not a wise way to react to whatever was bothering him. Whenever there is a problem, there are always amicable ways of resolving issues without necessarily creating a scene or engaging in any physical confrontations. Considering that this was a formal meeting and there were some important guests invited, the behavior by Mr. Urbshott was not only embarrassing for his wife but also a very bad show.

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