Hey NextEra: share that wind turbine ‘tele-townhall’ transcript?

At the beginning of February this year NextEra decided to do a “tele-townhall” in the Adelaide region to query residents about the 38 wind turbine project they are proposing for the area. They called random numbers in the area and had their ‘experts’ on the line to reassure the community that all will be safe and good. Problem was, they weren’t treated kindly by the locals that night – at all– not the sort of conversation they want to brag about! NextEra ended up strategically asking an innocent ‘poll’ to get rid of anyone against the turbines:

Are you in favor of wind turbines in your area?
Hit 1 for yes, 2 for no, 3 for undecided, and 4 for more information.
If you wished to ask a question- hit *3.

 Note: if you answered 2 (no) you were cut off and if you called back you could only leave a message.   

A resident who had been conveniently cut off from listening and the discussion e-mailed NextEra afterwards and asked that they send her a transcript as she wasn’t able to hear the rest of the conversation:

Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2012 10:01 PM
Subject: Conference call? 

You had a conference call at 7 PM tonight will no warning it called my home and was just on. I was cut off about 15mins in, and wondered if you had the transcripts of this conversation? As it was in my area I would like to of heard more. I couldn’t get back on.

The report would be greatly needed and a heads up for Q & A’s next time would be nice. An email letting me know one is coming even if it’s any project around southern Ont. Would be helpful in recording any questions I have a head of time.

Thanks for you time


From: Dudek, Derek
To: ****
Subject: Adelaide – T2 Inquiry

Hello Ms. ****
Sorry about your problems with the telephone town hall we conducted. I will see about getting you a copy of the transcripts when they become available. I appreciate your comments regarding lack of notification regarding the call but it was a new technology we were trying out to reach the community and will be doing more engagement efforts in the future. As always, don’t hesitate to ask questions at any time to myself and we will work to get you the answers from our team.

FYI – We are currently looking into your previous inquiry re: the location of your vacant lot receptor and hope to get back to you shortly.


Derek Dudek| Community Relations Consultant
NextEra EnergyCanada, ULC
5500 North Service Road,Burlington,ONL7L 6W6
O:905.335.4904 x18 f:905.335.5731
Mobile- 519.318.0237


Attached to Derek’s e-mail was this big OOOPS! (damn, eh Derek and Josie? NextEra: the company of the hush hush, let ‘er leak.)

From: Hernandez, Joselen On Behalf Of SharedMailbox, ADELAIDE-WIND
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2012 2:57 PM
To: Dudek, Derek; Greenhouse, Ben
Subject: FW: Conference call?

I had a feeling we’d hear from her…please see below. Until we hear the transcripts, I’d prefer not to share them. But we can certainly give her an overview of what was asked? Thoughts??



I guess their “thoughts” concluded that residents cannot have these transcripts because they don’t cast NExtEra in a very nice light.

One person wrote down what was said on this tele-townhall (before they were cut off), so we may as well do the transparency that NextEra won’t:

Morning everybody,  Did by any chance anybody else get a call from NextEra last night at approximately 7.15 PM. It was a phone in and ask questions about wind turbines for theAdelaide-Metcalfe Project. It was a panel of expert representatives from NextEra that would be answering the questions. Sorry, we didn’t get all of their names or titles. One was Ben Greenhouse who did most of the public relations and referrals to the panel. Other panel experts were a Dr. Olson (ed. NOT a Medical officer, but that’s how he introduces himself– amazing the influence a degree in Environmental Sciences can have…) a Tom B????? (Site Manager,A Engineer (Tom Bird most likely).

You where able to ask a question if you were connected by pushing *3 on your phone.

Here are some of the questions that had been asked by persons that called in (not sure of the names associated with the calls.)

Q- One gentleman said he heard that our electric bills would go up 45 percent after 5 years (wind turbines and solar) was completed and there was no way the people can pay that.

A-  the Electrical Engineer asked the gentleman where he got that information because it was not accurate. He then replied that new Green energy would be much more efficient than any of the old coal fired, gas plant that now supply energy. The gentleman’s response was BULL SHIT!!! He also said that there would be a 3.5 % per year raise for the next 20 years .           

Q- If my neighbor signs a lease to have a wind turbine on his property and the turbine is550 metres from their home and I live on the property beside him and the wind turbine is also exactly550 metres from my home ( I get the same noise, and view as he does) why do I not get restitution as well??

A- The reply from the Site Manager was very, very vague. He said this happens with any business and that is the chance you take. Basically no answer was given just lots of words

Q-We believe (Judy) asked if the noise level of the wind turbines both inside and outside of the house would be harmful?

A- The Electrical Engineer said that the noise level met the requirements of no more that 40 decibels and in reality the noise level was no more than running your refrigerator in your home.

Q-I understand that there is health issues as a result of wind turbines causing people to get sick and have to leave their homes.

A-From “Dr.” Olson said that there  has been No specific proven documentation that wind turbines cause any health issues.

Q- One lady called in with 3 questions but unfortunately we only remember one. The question was something to the effect of, will wind turbine Energy really benefit the Province?? 

A-The “Expert” answer was that the province would, once the job is completed would receive $90,000,000 and 6 jobs would be created.

The lady (Kelly) called back and said that she had been disconnected so she called back in.

A- the NexEra expert repeated the above statement.

Q- (Kelly) said she didn’t give a shit about the 6 jobs. She wanted to know why they couldn’t  put the (turbines) up in the middle of the lake or desert anywhere away from people’s homes, barns and rural farmlands.??

A- The NexEra rep said He didn’t have the numbers in front of him but there was a vast amount of people in the Adelaide-Metcalfe area that wanted them here and were quite happy about it…

After so many questions asked by the call ins NextEra would then ask that the people on the phone connected please respond to their question.

NextEra question asked to the people on line was  Are you in favor of wind turbines in your area? Hit 1 for yes, 2 for no, 3 for undecided, and 4 for more information.

If you wished to ask a question- hit *3.

Note if you answered #2 (NO) you are cut off and if you call back you can only leave a message.  NextEra and they will get back to you. 



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