Wind turbines not answer

London Free Press Letters

Regarding Ezra Levant’s column It ain’t feasible being green (March 20).

Though it is indisputable our provincial and federal governments need to start seriously implementing green initiatives, I agree Premier Dalton McGuinty is barking up the wrong tree with his plan to spend billions on wind turbines.

Our dependence on fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources is unhealthy and will undoubtedly lead our environment to its tipping point, but covering our province with wind turbines is not the answer. Wind turbines provide an esthetically pleasing presence of green power, but technology restrictions don’t allow them to produce a feasible amount of energy.

McGuinty plans to install these turbines in areas that would directly threaten bird migratory patterns, cause increased bat mortality and threaten native wetlands, which provide us invaluable ecosystem processes such as the sequestering of C02 emissions.

Our province needs to invest in efficient power sources such as nuclear and hydro energy to meet our energy demands. If McGuinty truly wants to make a difference for the environment, he should focus on preserving our wetlands, rather than destroying them to make way for flashy wind turbines.

Alden Crossman


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