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22 Turbines for Toronto

From Wind Farm Realities: The Toronto 22

That has a nice alliterative ring, doesn’t it?  There’s a big discussion over at Ontario Wind Resistance about putting some wind turbines in Toronto and having the residents there do their part in fulfilling Ontario’s dreams about wind energy.  In an effort to constructively add to that discussion, I’ve created a 3-D Google Earth KMZ file that shows 22 turbines placed in Toronto’s harbour.

Happy flying.


“They want an easement, but I won’t give it to them. They will have to expropriate it.”

Walking against the lines

By Heather Wright  Sarnia this Week 

PLYMPTON-WYOMING – In a flood of people concerned about the effects of wind turbines, Paul Marsh stands out. And it isn’t just because he’s holding a picket sign.
Marsh lives in Sylvan – a community south east of Thedford just over the Middlesex County line. He, too, says he will be affected by the 62 turbine Cedar Point Wind Power project in Plympton-Wyoming.
Marsh won’t be too close to the turbines and it’s unlikely he’ll be able to see them since his 30 acre property is filled with trees.
What he will notice is a power transmission line which will run the length of his corner lot property.
“The transmission lines which are going to take the power from here will go right by my house,” said Marsh as he stood in front of the doors of the Camlachie Community Centre where Suncor was holding an open house recently. “The power generated here will go by my house. Everybody thinks about the turbines themselves but not how they move the power.”
The Cedar Point project isn’t the only industrial wind farm which will benefit from the new power lines. NextEra Energy also expects to hook into the line leading to feeder lines near the Bruce Power plant for its Jericho project in Lambton Shores.
“Right now, the small projects can feed into the grid, but they won’t be able to once there are 100s of them.”
And it is obvious Marsh is not happy about it. Suncor wants an easement – legal permission – to erect the power lines on between 60 and 80 feet at the edge of his property.
He had a “90 second conversation” about the idea with officials and now says the company will have find another way.
“They want an easement, but I won’t give it to them. They will have to expropriate it.”

Zephyr Wind flipped to Schneider Power already (with help from Samsung)

 The Zephyr project in Watford isn’t even fully operational and its just been sold. Flip flip flip and scram scram  scram.  Note that the  the project is targeted to generate $60 million in revenue over 20 years while the community of Brooke-Alvinston receives nothing except for the noise and all the other negative affects.  What a disgusting scam. 

April 25, 2012, Market Watch

Quantum’s Schneider Power Subsidiary Acquires 10 MW Wind Farm in Ontario – Targeted to Produce $60 Million in Revenues Over 20 Years 

IRVINE, Calif., April 25, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. /quotes/zigman/3949076/quotes/nls/qtww QTWW +8.18% today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Schneider Power Inc. (“Schneider”), a leading developer and owner of renewable energy power plants, backed by the Schneider family’s 120 years of experience in renewable energy has acquired a newly constructed 10 megawatt utility-scale wind farm in Ontario, Canada.

The Zephyr wind farm (“Zephyr”) generation facility will supply electricity to the Ontario Power Authority under a 20-year renewable energy purchase contract, generating in excess of $3 million in estimated annual revenues. The project commenced power generation testing at 25% capacity on April 20th 2012, and is projected to go into full production on or about May 5th, producing more than 26.7 Giga watt-hours of clean electricity per year, enough to meet the needs of 3,000 Canadian households. The project is financed by Samsung Heavy Industries of Korea.

“This acquisition is part of our long-term strategy to evolve into a leading independent power producer in North America,” said Alan P. Niedzwiecki, the President and CEO of Quantum. “We seek to increase our revenues and nameplate capacity under 100% ownership, leveraging our experience in the fast-track development of profitable renewable energy projects.”

“We are pleased and honored to be working with Samsung for financing this project,” said Thomas Schneider, the President of Schneider Power. “Quantum and Schneider Power are active in several renewable energy projects in various stages of development, and we are actively pursuing additional opportunities in Ontario with its attractive feed in tariff programs.” Read the rest of this entry

Grand Bend – 63 wind turbines crowd L. Huron shore

Grand Bend people- this isn’t going to be pretty. Cottagers: do you mind being inside a 2km wind turbine ‘buffer zone’?  Not like Northland Power is really asking. Be sure to take a look at these newly released maps and share:

Draft Site Plan- MAP & Close-up Map & Homes with 2km ‘buffer zone’
Project Documents

63 (1.6MW) Wind Turbines

From Notice: “Grand Bend Wind Limited Partnership c/o Northland Power Inc. is planning to engage in a renewable energy Project in respect of which the issuance of a renewable energy approval is required. The distribution of this Notice of Draft Site Plan (“Notice”) is subject to the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act (“Act”) Part V.0.1 and Ontario Regulation 359/09 (“Regulation”). This notice is being distributed in accordance with Section 15 of the Regulation prior to an application being submitted and assessed for completeness by the Ministry of the Environment. The legal effect of this Notice is such that pursuant to Section 54 of the Regulation, Grand Bend Wind Limited Partnership has to take into account noise receptors as defined by the Act that only existed as of the day before Grand Bend Wind Limited Partnership published this Notice.

Project Description:
Pursuant to the Act and Regulation, the facility, in respect of which this Project is to be engaged in, is considered to be a Class 4 Wind Energy Facility. If approved, this facility would have a total maximum name plate capacity of 100 MW and consist of up to 48 turbines on privately owned leased lands. The Project also includes towers, step-up transformers, an underground and/ or overhead electrical collection system, a sub-station to connect to Hydro One power line provincial grid) as well as other ancillary facilities such as temporary construction areas and turbine access roads with culvert crossings, where required. “

Read the rest of this entry

Almighty dollar driving wind turbine agenda

Sarnia Observer – Letters to the Editor

Sir: Re the Anti-Wind Turbine Protest:

“Where does the Anti-Wind Turbine movement get its funding and why is it really making Industrial Wind Turbines such a big deal?” When I was asked this question the other day it made my wife and I look back at what we have observed in the last three years since we became interested in this issue. We believe it to be a David and Goliath struggle.

It is evident that the funding for the protest movement comes from voluntary donations from concerned citizens with no possibility of ‘tax receipts’. Collecting dollars in milk cans at information meetings is standard procedure. Their countless hours of work in organizing events and trying to educate the public are all ‘volunteered hours’ with no reimbursement or expense account perks. In most cases they have to sacrifice time away from their gainful employment. Read the rest of this entry

Moratorium is needed on green energy bill

Sarnia Observer – Letter to the Editor

Sir: Why would an oil company be in the “Wind farm business”? Don’t they profit enough from our, and I repeat “our” oil that they have to increase their profits on the backs of the taxpayers who are subsidizing “wind farms” on their electric bills?

On one hand you cant blame them; Mr.McGuinty has put out such a lucrative incentive that, being businessmen, they could not resist.

These contracts are guaranteed for 20 years; a win-win (pardon the pun) situation. Read the rest of this entry

!NextEra and Suncor SWAPPING wind leases! STOP THE SWAP!

Red Alert to everyone in Lambton and Middlesex Counties-!!

NextEra and Suncor are trying to swap wind leases. Important note- Farmers do NOT have to switch leases- and if they do they could end up switching to a much worse one that has damning clauses like NextEras current one below!

If you know anyone who has either a Suncor or NextEra contract in any of the projects : Adelaide (Suncor and NextEra), Jericho (NextEra), Cedar Point (Suncor) or Bornish (NextEra) make sure they know they could be signing these clauses!!

“Lessor grants to lessee a non-exclusive license for audio, visual, view, light, flicker, noise, shadow, vibration, air turbulence, wake, electromagnetic, electrical and radio frequency interference, and any other effects attributable to the wind power facilities or activity located on the leased lands or on adjacent properties (“effects of license”).The burden of the effects of license shall run with and bind the lands and every part thereof and benefit the lessee’s interest in the leased lands and such other lands that the lessee may have a real property interest in the leased lands and such other lands that the lessee may have a real property interest in from time to time and which form part of the project. If requested by the lesssee, the lessor shall execute and deliver to the lessee such separate and registerable transfer of easements which reproduce the terms of the effects license.”


” To the extent that (a) lessor now or in the future owns or leases any land adjacent to the leased lands; or (b) lessee leases or holds an easement/license or a lease over land adjacent to leased lands and has installed or constructed or desires to install or construct any power facilities on said land at and/or near the common boundary between the leased lands and said land, lessor hereby waives any and all setbacks and setback requirements, whether imposed by law or by any person or entity, including without limitation, any setback requirements described in the zoning by-laws of the county and/or provinceor in any governmental entitlement or permit heretofore or hereafter issued to the lessee. If so requested by lessee, lessor shall promptly, without demanding consideration therefore execute, execute, and if appopriate cause to be acknowledged, any setback waiver, setback elimination or other document or instrument required by any governmental authority or that lessee deems necessary or convenient to the obtaining of any entitlement or permit.”

United Front- Lambton County Twps fight IWTs together

Lambton municipalities working on common wind rules

By Heather Wright  Sarnia Lambton This Week

“Our municipalities have to remember that their primary duty is to protect the people in their community regardless of what the Green Energy Act says…regardless of whether it can be acted on, they’ve done due diligence whether or not it can be acted on.”

LAMBTON COUNTY – Three Lambton municipalities plan to present a united front as wind energy companies blow into north and central Lambton placing hundreds of turbines on rural property.

The Ontario government took away municipalities planning rights for green energy projects in the Green Energy Act. But communities are beginning to fight back as it becomes clear the scope and number of the projects on the books.

In Lambton Shores, Plympton-Wyoming and Enniskillen Township there are several major projects in the works, two of which have already been given energy contracts under the Feed In Tariff program – The Cedar Point Wind Project by Suncor and NextEra’s Jericho project. They are meeting together to find things they can do to protect residents in the face of the turbines. Read the rest of this entry

Green energy woes discussed at Lambton NFU annual meeting

By John Phair Today’s Farmer

There’s not a whole lot good about wind turbines, or for that matter, Ontario’s Green Energy Act.

At least that seemed to be the general opinion expressed at the annual meeting of Local 328 (Lambton County) National ­Farmers Union, held recently at the Forest Agricultural Society Hall.

The organization’s outgoing president said issues surrounding wind generators and the Green Energy Act were among his greatest concerns for the rural community as he wrapped up his term of office.

“The thing that had the biggest impact on me are issues regarding wind generators and green energy and the true costs behind them,” said Joe Vye in his report to the membership.

Vye stressed that he hopes no one signs a lease agreement with any energy company, whether it be a natural gas, oil, wind or solar company without having it vetted by a lawyer who specializes in that field.

He noted that he was recently asked to look over a contract from an oil company that wanted to drill on one of his neighbour’s land and was astounded by what he read. Read the rest of this entry

Suncor: “there are avenues for TORONTO to step in.” ????

Provincial push for wind projects

“That avenue is available” Suncor   By Heather Wright Sarnia Lambton This Week

LAMBTON SHORES – When push comes to shove, Suncor Energy officials say they may turn to the province to push through their wind farm project in Lambton Shores.

Chris Scott, Suncor’s project developer, was appearing before Lambton Shores Council recently to talk about the company’s Cedar Point Wind Project. Up to 62 wind turbines will be installed in Lambton Shores and Plympton-Wyoming to generate about 100 megawatts of power.

As Scott was explaining the timeline for the project and inviting residents to an April 19 open house about the project, he was asked by Councilor John Russell about a bylaw recently passed by Plympton-Wyoming Council which called for a $200,000 per turbine deposit and a 2 kilometer setback for turbines from homes.

“We weren’t pleased,” says Scott. “It is a planning regime which is with the province to decide what the setbacks are.”

Scott says he worked with Plympton-Wyoming to design its first bylaw on turbines which had a setback distance of 440 meters so he “was surprised” when the new rules were passed.

“We continue to discuss it with them. Obviously it is a concern. It is not our intention to force things down their throat…we’re continuing to meet with the council to understand that action.”

“You’ll talk to them, but ignore them,” shot back Russell.

“That’s not what I’m saying,” says Scott saying the Plympton-Wyoming rules would mean Suncor could not put up a turbine anywhere in the municipality. “Where are the bookends? One is wind turbines or the other is no turbines at all.”

Scott says Suncor wants to work with communities on the wind project but “there are avenues for Toronto to step in.”

“So if another community did it (passed Plympton Wyoming’s bylaw), would that get your attention,” asked Russell.

Scott said the company would certainly have a discussion with the municipality.

“But ultimately, it’s up to the province,” says Russell.

“I’m saying that avenue is available.”

Suncor was not the only energy company to feel the heat from people who aren’t pleased with turbines coming to Lambton Shores.

NextEra Energy officials were heckled by people in the council chambers as it made its presentation and then, as they left the building, they were accosted by angry ratepayers.

“Take your wind turbines and f— off,” said one unidentified man as he poked NextEra Energy’s community relations officer Derek Dudek as he tried to leave the foyer of the Thedford Hall. “We don’t want your f—ing turbines here,” he said poking Dudek’s shoulder more forcefully before walking back into the meeting.

Frustrated rural residents complain at Queens Park about wind

Bill Wright of Wyoming with Monte McNaughton, MPP for the rural riding of Lambton-Kent-Middlesex.

April 5 –  Ontario Farmer

By Anne Howden Thompson – Rural residents frustrated with the provincial liberal government’s Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program took their concerns into the heart of Toronto’s financial district yesterday, staging a peaceful protest rally that attracted hundreds of protestors from across Ontario.

Held in Simcoe Park adjacent to the CBC headquarters, the location put the protestors on the immediate doorsteps of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and underneath a digital sign with rotating messages, including one featuring a wind turbine, saying “this screen is powered by green renewable power.”

The location of the rally was purposeful.

Inside the convention centre over 600 delegates were gathered for the two-day, sold out, third annual Ontario Feed-In Tariff Forum, the annual conference for FIT contract holders, developers, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and government.

Despite strong opposition in some Ontario communities, the provincial Liberal government remains firmly committed to building a clean energy future that includes the FIT program, a guaranteed rate program that provides stable prices through long-term contracts for energy generated using renewable resources.

Since it was launched in 2009 the provincial Liberal government report that almost 2,000 small and large FIT projects have been approved through the program; enough to produce the electricity needed to power about 1.2 million homes.

The government released its FIT program two year review a few weeks ago, announcing they were be developing an accumulated point system for communities to ensure better community engagement. At that time, Ontario’s agriculture minister Ted McMeekin told Ontario Farmer he believes the changes would bode well for proposed community-based and/or community-owned projects.

“I think it would be pretty fair to suggest that (the point system) will preclude in most instances any project from proceeding that is not seen as being in the best interests of the area,” he said at that time.

But some residents of rural Ontario disagree.

Bill Wright of Wyoming made the trek into Toronto for the rally to signal his support for the anti-wind turbine movement. “It’s not an efficient use of money…and it is an intrusion on the people in the rural setting… I’m strongly, strongly against it,” he said. Wright says he has been growing more active, “day by day” in the anti-wind movement, saying a group of concerned citizens have formed an advocacy group in the Wyoming area that will operate under the umbrella of the Middlesex Lambton Wind Concerns group. “We are going to do everything we can do to fight this issue,” he told Ontario Farmer at the rally. Read the rest of this entry

Blowing in the wind, rural residents take their fight to Toronto

By Lynda Hillman-Rapley Lakeshore Advance

Keep up the fight says wind farm protesters

Hundreds of rural residents, including many from Lambton and Huron counties, brought their impassioned fight against industrial wind turbines to Canada’s most populous city last Tuesday.

The anti-turbine troops arrived by the busload at their latest battleground, Simcoe Park on Front St., outside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and the third annual Ontario Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) Forum.

Their ammunition: large placards that decry what they say are the Liberal government steamrolling a green energy agenda over rural Ontario.

Their mission, said Dave Griffith, the chair of Bluewater Against Turbines (BAT) was to educate urban residents about the “problems” of wind turbines and the province’s FIT program and make a unified stand against further developments. On one of the ten busses that traveled from all areas of southwestern Ontario, Patti Keller handed out reading material regarding health, tourism, costs and home values.

After the trip Griffith said, “For those of you who still feel this may be too little, too late, let me assure you this first wave of 110 turbines (along our west coast) is just that, the first wave in a series – we must keep up the fight and we will, trust me, I am like the dog with a rag doll and I am not about to let go.”

The battle, they say, has pitted the province’s Liberal government and massive energy corporations against the livelihood and health of people who live on farms, down rural concessions and in tiny country villages.

At the rally, Lorrie Gillis, one of the events organizers said, “We’re not going away. We’re not going to stop fighting.”

Between 700 and 1,000 people attended the rally and walked around the block in downtown Toronto.

Mark Davis, Deputy Mayor of Arran-Elderslie, noted in his address at the downtown event that this protest was a first for many people, but they felt they had to do it. He characterized the group as “dignified” which is the way we rural people live. Read the rest of this entry

NextEra & Suncor explain “Community Bribe-Vibrancy”

Ed- the wind companies spoke very quietly about some points about their bribrancy fund, which caused an audience member to speak out and asay, “Could you speak up please, we can’t hear your BRIBES!”.

Lynda Hillman-Rapley Lakeshore Advance

Even with the outbursts from the gallery, Derek Dudek, NextEra Energy Canada, Community Relations updated Lambton Shores council regarding the Jericho WEC Project. They hope to begin construction in late summer 2013. They continue to do archaeological and ecological fieldwork as well as bat and bird monitoring throughout 2012.

NextEra Energy Canada has been awarded approval under the province’s Feed-In Tariff program to sell energy to Ontario from NextEra’s proposed Jericho Wind Energy Centre, an up to 150-megawatt wind turbine project planned for Lambton Shores. The company is working its way through planning for the project and NextEra representatives met with Lambton Shores officials last week. Speaking for the company at the meeting was Derek Dudek. He explained the timeline for their Jericho project stating they hope to go into the Ministry of the Environment approval stage at the end of 2012 and then building in 2013. Although he did not have dates for public meetings he did say the municipality would see the layouts 90 days prior to the public meeting and the public 60 days prior to the public meeting. Read the rest of this entry

Group demands Suncor withdraw plan for wind farm

By Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer, April 12, 2012

A group opposed to industrial wind turbines in Plympton-Wyoming is calling on Suncor to “immediately” withdraw its plans for a wind farm in the community.

Chairperson Peter Aarssens made the demand Thursday in Camlachie, accompanied by the six other We’re Against Industrial Turbines – Plympton-Wyoming (WAIT -PW) board members.

Suncor has a provincial contract to sell electricity from up to 62 turbines it plans to build in Plympton-Wyoming and neighbouring Lambton Shores as part of its Cedar Point Wind Power Project.

“It is our expectation,” Aarssens said, “given the abundant and well reasoned opposition expressed by so many of our residents, that Suncor will withdraw their plans immediately.”

The company is holding public meetings about its wind farm on April 18, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Camlachie Community Centre, and April 19, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Legion hall in Forest. Read the rest of this entry

Wind farm hits more turbulence

By Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer Thursday, April 5, 2012

Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper says he welcomes a citizens’ group that’s formed to fight Suncor Energy’s plan for a 100 MW wind farm.

Plympton-Wyoming and neighbouring Lambton Shores could be home to up to 62 wind turbines proposed for the company’s Cedar Point Wind Power Project.

Several residents of Plympton-Wyoming formed We’re Against Industrial Turbines (WAIT) soon after Suncor announced it’s holding a public meeting April 18, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Camlachie Community Centre, said to Ron Schenk, WAIT’s communications director and a member of town council.

“I’ve encouraged groups to form,” Napper said. “I’ve always felt that it’s best fought by the people, rather than the councils of the day.

“There’s a lot of people power out there, and they’re not restricted by the Municipal Act on how they can meet. I think it’s great they’re forming this group.”

WAIT has a website –  – and is collecting signatures and volunteers. Read the rest of this entry

Protest: McGuinty must go!

Plympton-Wyoming wind fight

April 4, 2012 at 7:18 am | Blackburn Radio

   In Plympton-Wyoming a new citizens group “We’re Against Industrial Turbines” or WAIT has been formed to oppose significant wind farms planned in that district.  The group met this past weekend to elect a board of directors, and has begun fundraising effort and established a web site.

Some demonstrators in Toronto on Tuesday called for Premier Dalton McGuinty to resign over the Green Energy Program. Sarnia’s Nancy Ven Huizen was among them.

Anti-Turbine Rally

April 3, 2012 at 6:57 am |Blackburn Radio

   It could be the largest anti-wind turbine rally to date.    Opponents from across the province will be in Toronto this morning marching outside the Ontario Feed-in Tariff Forum, a wind industry conference at the Metro Convention Centre.    The Middlesex-Lambton Wind Concern group is making the trip.  Esther Wrightman expects as many as 50 to board the bus.

Lambton has ten wind turbines operating in the Kettle Point-Ravenswood area with four more to come on line soon near Watford.  Dozens more are on the drawing board.

Grand Bend Wind Public Info meetings: April 5 & 12

Grand Bend Wind Public Meetings
April 5
Time: 5 – 8PM
Bluewater Community Center/Zurich Arena, 15 East St, Zurich

Date: April 12
5 – 8PM
Seaforth and District Community Centre; 122 Duke Street, Seaforth


Video: UnFiT Wind Protest at the doors of the Metro Centre

Wind opponents rallying in Toronto

By Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
Monday, April 2, 2012

A boisterous busload of area residents is planning to be part of Tuesday’s anti-wind turbine protest in Toronto.

Esther Wrightman, a member of Middlesex-Lambton Wind Concerns, said she expects about 50 people from the two counties and neighbouring Chatham-Kent would board the bus at 8:30 a.m. in Strathroy.

“It’s a feisty group,” Wrightman added.

“I have a feeling we’ll be leading the marches.”

The Middlesex-Lambton group will join Wind Concerns Ontario and others from around the province on a march to the Ontario Feed-in Tariff Forum, a wind industry conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The annual conference is attracting wind developers, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and government officials.

One issue on its agenda this year is developing grassroots support for wind power. That’s likely to be a hard sell among opponents planning Tuesday’s news conference at Queen’s Park Tuesday, speeches in Simcoe Park, and then a march on the conference centre.

Wrightman said she’s taking a sign with an Orwellian theme that sports a papier mache half-hog, half-human head and the words, Animal Wind Farm.

“We’ll be on the outside and all the pigs at the trough will be inside.” Read the rest of this entry

TORONTO UN-FiT PROTEST – take over the streets pics!

~800 rural residents blocked the streets of Ontario to march against the FiT and Wind Turbines!

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