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Almighty dollar driving wind turbine agenda

Sarnia Observer – Letters to the Editor

Sir: Re the Anti-Wind Turbine Protest:

“Where does the Anti-Wind Turbine movement get its funding and why is it really making Industrial Wind Turbines such a big deal?” When I was asked this question the other day it made my wife and I look back at what we have observed in the last three years since we became interested in this issue. We believe it to be a David and Goliath struggle.

It is evident that the funding for the protest movement comes from voluntary donations from concerned citizens with no possibility of ‘tax receipts’. Collecting dollars in milk cans at information meetings is standard procedure. Their countless hours of work in organizing events and trying to educate the public are all ‘volunteered hours’ with no reimbursement or expense account perks. In most cases they have to sacrifice time away from their gainful employment. Read the rest of this entry


Moratorium is needed on green energy bill

Sarnia Observer – Letter to the Editor

Sir: Why would an oil company be in the “Wind farm business”? Don’t they profit enough from our, and I repeat “our” oil that they have to increase their profits on the backs of the taxpayers who are subsidizing “wind farms” on their electric bills?

On one hand you cant blame them; Mr.McGuinty has put out such a lucrative incentive that, being businessmen, they could not resist.

These contracts are guaranteed for 20 years; a win-win (pardon the pun) situation. Read the rest of this entry

!NextEra and Suncor SWAPPING wind leases! STOP THE SWAP!

Red Alert to everyone in Lambton and Middlesex Counties-!!

NextEra and Suncor are trying to swap wind leases. Important note- Farmers do NOT have to switch leases- and if they do they could end up switching to a much worse one that has damning clauses like NextEras current one below!

If you know anyone who has either a Suncor or NextEra contract in any of the projects : Adelaide (Suncor and NextEra), Jericho (NextEra), Cedar Point (Suncor) or Bornish (NextEra) make sure they know they could be signing these clauses!!

“Lessor grants to lessee a non-exclusive license for audio, visual, view, light, flicker, noise, shadow, vibration, air turbulence, wake, electromagnetic, electrical and radio frequency interference, and any other effects attributable to the wind power facilities or activity located on the leased lands or on adjacent properties (“effects of license”).The burden of the effects of license shall run with and bind the lands and every part thereof and benefit the lessee’s interest in the leased lands and such other lands that the lessee may have a real property interest in the leased lands and such other lands that the lessee may have a real property interest in from time to time and which form part of the project. If requested by the lesssee, the lessor shall execute and deliver to the lessee such separate and registerable transfer of easements which reproduce the terms of the effects license.”


” To the extent that (a) lessor now or in the future owns or leases any land adjacent to the leased lands; or (b) lessee leases or holds an easement/license or a lease over land adjacent to leased lands and has installed or constructed or desires to install or construct any power facilities on said land at and/or near the common boundary between the leased lands and said land, lessor hereby waives any and all setbacks and setback requirements, whether imposed by law or by any person or entity, including without limitation, any setback requirements described in the zoning by-laws of the county and/or provinceor in any governmental entitlement or permit heretofore or hereafter issued to the lessee. If so requested by lessee, lessor shall promptly, without demanding consideration therefore execute, execute, and if appopriate cause to be acknowledged, any setback waiver, setback elimination or other document or instrument required by any governmental authority or that lessee deems necessary or convenient to the obtaining of any entitlement or permit.”