Grand Bend – 63 wind turbines crowd L. Huron shore

Grand Bend people- this isn’t going to be pretty. Cottagers: do you mind being inside a 2km wind turbine ‘buffer zone’?  Not like Northland Power is really asking. Be sure to take a look at these newly released maps and share:

Draft Site Plan- MAP & Close-up Map & Homes with 2km ‘buffer zone’
Project Documents

63 (1.6MW) Wind Turbines

From Notice: “Grand Bend Wind Limited Partnership c/o Northland Power Inc. is planning to engage in a renewable energy Project in respect of which the issuance of a renewable energy approval is required. The distribution of this Notice of Draft Site Plan (“Notice”) is subject to the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act (“Act”) Part V.0.1 and Ontario Regulation 359/09 (“Regulation”). This notice is being distributed in accordance with Section 15 of the Regulation prior to an application being submitted and assessed for completeness by the Ministry of the Environment. The legal effect of this Notice is such that pursuant to Section 54 of the Regulation, Grand Bend Wind Limited Partnership has to take into account noise receptors as defined by the Act that only existed as of the day before Grand Bend Wind Limited Partnership published this Notice.

Project Description:
Pursuant to the Act and Regulation, the facility, in respect of which this Project is to be engaged in, is considered to be a Class 4 Wind Energy Facility. If approved, this facility would have a total maximum name plate capacity of 100 MW and consist of up to 48 turbines on privately owned leased lands. The Project also includes towers, step-up transformers, an underground and/ or overhead electrical collection system, a sub-station to connect to Hydro One power line provincial grid) as well as other ancillary facilities such as temporary construction areas and turbine access roads with culvert crossings, where required. “


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  1. This is disgusting! Plympton and Middlesex need to stick together! If these wind companies dont get a permit from the municipality then how can they build the turbine…Eventually we have to do something to take a stand!!

  2. Shame on the powers to be in Grand Bend and surrounding area. I am a resident of Grand Bend and the thought of looking at these monstrosities every day makes me noxious.
    We have a beautiful landscape as well as a sky scape. Have you seen the sky scape around Orangeville On ? That is what we are going to look like. I have a minimal investment in my home but many have several hundred thousand invested in their homes and cottages around Grand Bend. When these turbines are installed you can count on your values to be less than half of what they are now. There is no way that potential investors want to buy a cottage or a home in sight of these turbines.
    Down the road the believers in turbines will realize they have been duped. The truth is that they are simply not efficient at all . The concept sounds convincing but the reality is it is a green scam.
    Without huge government incentives these things would never exist. Government incentives are paid by tax payers of Ontario. The power produced by turbines are sold to consumers at twice the regular rates of conventional power. Conventional power sources continue to be staffed at full capacity in the event wind power is not available due to low wind conditions as well as high wind conditions.
    There are several wind power farms in USA that are shut down and abandon because funds are not available to repair worn out turbines but only new wind farms.
    Check it out for yourself. Research the web and learn the reality of wind power.
    The only people that I talk to that are in favor of it profit by it.. Funny thing lol .

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