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Strathroy/Adelaide-Metcalfe Wind Information Meeting

Please share and encourage your friends and neighbours to attend!

Date:  June 12
Time: 7:00PM
Place: Strathroy District Collegiate Institute, 361 Second St. , Strathroy MAP


1. Health: Noise/ Shadow Flicker/ Power Surges
Monica Elmes – Monica lives and farms near Ridgetown, ON surrounded by a 43 turbine (2.3 MW each) industrial wind project. She will relate how the wind development has changed her community and the health of her family and neighbours.

2. Electrical Pollution: Home/Farm/School
David Colling
– A dairy farmer for 30 years in Ripley, ON, who has also been a dealer for Bio-Ag Consultants and Distributors since 1991. David studied Electrical Engineering at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, and currently uses his vast knowledge, throughout Ontario, to assess electrical pollution in homes, farms and businesses that are presently in the vicinity of industrial wind turbines.

3. Property Value: Real Estate
Doug Pedlar
– Doug is a Broker of Record for RE/MAX Bluewater Realty in the Grand Bend area. Doug has many years as a respected realtor within the community, and will speak on the effects that industrial wind turbines currently have on property values, and how the industrialization of the local community will impact its residents’ property values.


Parkhill & Forest Wind Information Meetings

Parkhill  Wind Info Meeting
Date: June 13
Time: 7:00PM
Place: North Middlesex District Community Centre, 225 McLeod St., Parkhill MAP

Forest  Wind Info Meeting
Date: June 14

Time: 7:00PM
Place: Forest Legion Branch 176, 58 Albert St, Forest MAP


1. Health: Noise, Shadow Flicker, Dirty Electricity
Barbara Ashbee & Lorrie Gillis
– Lorrie is an outspoken Grey Highlands advocate, who is also the process administrator for ‘Wind Voice;’ a self reporting group on the health effects of wind turbines. Lorrie will speak to the community about those currently suffering from health issues resulting from Industrial Wind Development. Barb is a former Shelburne area resident, whose home was bought out by the Wind Developer, after it became un-liveable due to the surrounding wind turbines. Barb will provide a heart wrenching account of her family’s experience.

2. Economics: Viability
Richard Wakefield – After much experience with the current hydro prices, Richard developed the blog “Ontario Wind Performance,” which provides data on the actual physical performance of Wind Turbines in Ontario. Richard, through his research, challenges many of the claims made in favour of wind power and will speak on the viability of wind power in Ontario.

3. Property Value: Real Estate
Doug Pedlar
– Doug is a Broker of Record for RE/MAX Bluewater Realty in the Grand Bend area. Doug has many years as a respected realtor within the community, and will speak on the effects that industrial wind turbines currently have on property values, and how the industrialization of the local community will impact its residents’ property values.

McGuinty Liberals blow it on wind turbine debate

London Free Press Editorial
When Ontario gave birth to its public power industry a century ago, it had two goals: Spread “the hydro” widely to cover its huge costs, and keep outside players out.

Treating electricity as a political plaything looked after the first goal. Governments of all stripes have been guilty of keeping power rates artificially low.

A ruthless monopoly took care of the second objective. Only with Ontario Hydro’s breakup in the late 1990s, did the province’s iron grip on power begin to loosen.

Consumers are still paying for that legacy: Billions in stranded debt and cost over-runs no private utility would accept.

But even with multinationals now in the market, Ontario seems to be backsliding to its autocratic past in its handling of one energy file — wind farms.

Lured by the deep subsidies Ontario pays them, energy companies are carpeting huge tracts of prime rural land with industrial wind turbines, some of which stand as high as 30 storeys. Stripped of control by the province over where they can go, rural areas are helpless to stop the often-unwanted behemoths. But as QMI Agency reported this week, far more turbines are on the way — incredibly, with almost no new public debate.

When the Liberals took power in 2003, Ontario had just 10 wind turbines. Today, there are 1,200, with signed deals to more than double that. Add in new turbines in the approval mill, the citizens group Wind Concerns Ontario calculates the figure could hit 6,400. Read the rest of this entry

Citizens REVOLT at Adelaide-Metcalfe Twp council meeting

Note: The Mayor’s dad has a wind lease with TCI Renewables and the Deputy Mayor’s son has 32 leases with NextEra. No, I didn’t type the wrong number….
More info on this fight at Ontario Neighbours United

Take back Adelaide-Metcalfe! May 22

Over 100 people arrived at the small Adelaide-Metcalfe Township council office, but there are only chairs for 20 in council chambers upstairs. Now on any other normal night, the council would move the meeting in the basement where there is much more room, and many chairs. But not tonight. I walked in, all the chairs were full, and there was EIGHTY people behind me waiting to get in, not sure where to go or stand in the foyer. So we moved in. I stood behind the clerk and mayor…what else were we to do? Still we could only pack 79 people in… which was WAY over the fire CODE. But the council would not move us. Safety is apparently not a concern to them.

The meeting started, the Lord’s Prayer was said, the mayor asked that the video recorder be shut off, when it wasn’t, he got up to call the police. BUT this time, coun. Smith asked taht council vote on it,a dn taht the vote is recorded:
In favour of calling the police on the vidoegraphers:
Mayor David Bolton
Deputy Mayor Adrian Debruyn
Counc. Betty Anne MacKinnon

Against calling the police:
Coun. Kurtis Smith
Coun. Nick Stockman

The police arrived fairly quickly, about 4 or 5 cruisers, but they didn’t park at the office, some stayed on side roads in the distance. The OPP would not enter the building with that many people. They called their supervisor, who was 45 minutes away… that ‘s a looooong time to wait in a cramped, hot room. So I opened the windows (-; That relaxed people a touch, but not THAT much.

Why would a mayor decide to not accommodate the people who are attending the council meeting? Why would he just assume they would all hang out in the hall? Haven’t we had enough DISRESPECT from this council???

We’ll let you know when this meeting resumes– it should be within the next couple of days. Please come again, and again until we have democracy restored to this little township.  We CAN make a difference! THANK YOU ALL!

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Adelaide-Metcalfe: say NO to Sec. 13.3!!

The excerpt below is the “NEW” clause added to the Adelaide-Metcalfe procedural by-law. Note the use of bold ink for greater emphasis. The Ministry of Housing & Municipal Affairs and the Office of the Ombudsman both encourage local councils to provide video-recording of public meetings. This by-law effectively flouts that very reasonable government policy.

The author(s) of this section can only be described as oafish, over-controlling bullies. However, it is not passed, yet. (Y)our last chance to bring some sense to council lies with the May 22nd meeting. Be there at 7PM sharp and show the council that you will not have the ‘mayor’ (king supreme, or whatever he imagines himself) telling you what to say, what to possess, what to wear and who to speak with.

SAY NO to Sec. 13.3

13.3 Members of the public must, while in attendance, maintain an appropriate level of decorum. The presiding member may, and at the request of any member of the council shall, determine the appropriateness of activities taking place in the public gallery. Activities which may be disruptive to the meeting, as determined by the presiding member, are forbidden. Persons who do not abide by directions from the Chair shall be required to leave the meeting.

For greater certainty, the following activities are not permitted without authorization from the Chair: applause, heckling, shouting, singing and audible speech or conversations: the use of telephones, lighting, recording equipment, cameras, microphones and similar devices, displays of written or printed material, whether worn or affixed to other personal items, consuming food or beverages other than water, except as provided by the municipality.

This is a BIG issue as it strikes at our freedom of speech, expression and access to information.

We need everyone’s support. Please come.

Meeting is on Tuesday May 22nd, @ 7:00PM at the Adelaide-Metcalfe twp office.

The Wind Petition Rural ON always wanted to sign (-;

We, the undersigned, as residents of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area from Hamilton to Oshawa) and Southern Ontario believe strongly in the Green Energy Act and its goals.

As such, we feel it is time for us to stand behind these beliefs and to request that we (specifically the large cities along the lakeshore as mentioned above) do our part to achieve Premier Dalton McGuintys goal of 10,000mw of green energy.

The GTA, being the largest consumer of energy in Ontario, should step up and help to create its own energy by way of wind and solar power. It is time to show the rest of Ontario and the world that we aren’t just paying lip service to this initiative, but rather we are dedicated to showing that we want to be responsible for the production of our own energy.

In order to do this we would like to see industrial wind turbines be built along the shoreline of the Greater Toronto Area, in the same fashion that has already been done along the shorelines of Lakes Erie, Huron and Georgian Bay. These areas as well as rural Ontario have already done their fair share and shouldn’t be expected to continue to produce the power that the GTA requires.

Therefore, in addition to building the remaining necessary wind turbines (required to meet Premier McGuinty’s green energy goal) along the GTA shoreline, we also ask that no additional farmland be sacrificed for the sake of green energy. They should also no longer be built in designated wildlife areas or fragile ecosystems.

If the industrial wind turbines are built in as dense a quantity along the GTA shoreline as is currently along the shores of the other Great Lakes and across rural Ontario, then Premier McGuintys green energy goals will be easily achieved.

Rural Ontario can retain the much-needed farmland for the production of food as has been done for centuries in this province and the GTA can be proud and stand tall in proclaiming that we practice what we preach.

Politicians should focus on keeping meetings open

By Greg Van Moorsel, London Free Press
Ontario taxpayers know from long experience it’s the closed-door meetings of civic politicians they most need to worry about.

Thanks to the power the digital revolution has given ordinary citizens, maybe their focus should be on open meetings.

Strict rules about what civic councils can and can’t do in private restrict those meetings to personnel and property issues. If the meetings stray into off-limits areas, or even if the politicians gather elsewhere in numbers that can form a quorum, taxpayers are on solid ground to complain. Sometimes, it takes Ontario’s top civilian watchdog to set the politicians straight.

But the digital revolution is rewriting the book on political transparency and accountability, especially in open meetings.

Ontario, as it turns out, has no province-wide rules on whether citizens can record or videotape open council meetings. Some allow it, some don’t. Some leave it up to their mayor. That’s a serious shortcoming when hand-held digital gadgets have made Internet broadcasters and publishers out of citizens interested in civics.

A telling case in point recently erupted in Adelaide Metcalfe, near London, Ont. There, as in much of rural Ontario, the backdrop was the hot potato of wind turbines. Read the rest of this entry

Sorting the rules on videotaped meetings

London Community News
Adelaide-Metcalfe is one of those little townships with long names formed during the big-is-better days of municipal government in the Mike Harris era.

Located at the west end of Middlesex County, the township is home to 3,000 people — and apparently restrictive policies on open and accessible government.

Earlier this month some residents tried to videotape proceedings of the Adelaide-Metcalfe township council in session. The mayor ordered them to stop and, when they wouldn’t, called in the police. The result has been posted on YouTube.

That’s in sharp contrast to city council meetings in London where media and citizen cameras and tape recorders have long been welcome and where gavel-to-gavel cable TV coverage is the norm.

Read the rest of this entry

McNaughton: Liberals & NDP Continue to Block PC Efforts to Halt Industrial Wind Turbine Development

May 16, 2012 Monte McNaughton

(QUEEN’S PARK, ON) – Today, new Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton delivered a statement in the Ontario Legislature questioning the liberal government and the NDP on their exclusion of local voices in decision making when it comes to further development of industrial wind turbines.

McNaughton, the PC Critic for Economic Development & Innovation pointed out that the PC party has introduced three initiatives since the October 6th, 2011 election. These initiatives were intended to ensure that local residents had a say in the decision making process on the issue of Wind Turbines in their community.

McNaughton went on to say that, “the Liberal government and the NDP‘s opposition to these initiatives shows that they do not understand the true effects that wind turbines will have on local communities.”

“We have a responsibility to listen to each and every community and to protect the interests of families, small businesses and our province. I oppose the heavy handed approach that the McGuinty government is taking by forcing wind turbines on local communities. Our party is determined to ensure that the people o fOntario have a say in their community” stated McNaughton.

The PC Party remains committed to bringing change and implementing energy polities that consider the people of Ontario and will help the economy grow.

Scenes of a crime?

A local mayor called police on a resident for filming council meetings, raising questions about transparency and public accountability.
By Jonathan Sher, The London Free Press

They’re camera-shy.

That’s one reason the mayor of a township west of London says he called cops last week to stop a critic from videotaping a council meeting.

For years, you see, no citizens attended council meetings at the tiny township office of Adelaide Metcalfe, pop. 3,000. They just didn’t.

But that changed after energy companies proposed building up to 70 wind turbines. Since January, dozens have packed a makeshift gallery and a young woman who once babysat the mayor’s kids has been setting up a camera and posting videos to YouTube.

Videographer Esther Wrightman kept calm during the clash Monday, asking police what law she was breaking and turning the camera off after a police officer said he would otherwise physically remove her.

But when the meeting ended and Wrightman made her way outside, her racing heart gave way to tears.

“I did cry — it just hit me what we have all tried to do, and what we didn’t have left — how powerless we were,” she recalls.

Mayor David Bolton defends his call to the cops, saying after weeks of videos being posted on YouTube, some council members had grown frightened of speaking at all, lest they say something stupid.

“That was preventing an open and full discussion,” Bolton said.

But that’s not how another council member, Kurtis Smith, sees it.

“If it is something that the individual doesn’t want recorded on video, it likely shouldn’t be said at all,” he told The Free Press. “Without the public engagement . . . council members cannot make informed decision.”

Smith says he had no problems with the videotaping and was caught off-guard when Bolton called police.

“I was not aware of the (mayor’s) plan,” he said.

The fight over wind turbines in rural Ontario played a big role last fall when voters turfed the McGuinty Liberals from those ridings in the provincial election.

But in Adelaide Metcalfe, the issue boiled over in January after council set building permit fees for turbines lower than critics had called for and did so at a meeting when that topic wasn’t on the public agenda. Read the rest of this entry

NextEra Adelaide & Bornish Wind Project Open Houses: July 10,11,12

NextEra Bornish Wind Project
Project documents
Date: July 10
Time: 4PM-7PM
Place: Ailsa Craig Community Centre
155 Annie Ada Shipley Street, Ailsa Craig MAP

NextEra Adelaide Wind Project
Project documents
Date: July 11
Time: 4PM-7PM
Place: Ailsa Craig Community Centre
155 Annie Ada Shipley Street, Ailsa Craig MAP

Date: July 12
Time: 4PM-7PM
Place: Adelaide W.G. MacDonald School
29059 School Rd. Strathroy MAP

Mark your calendar: MLWAG info meetings June 12,13,14!

Strathroy Wind Turbine Info Meeting
Date:  June 12
Time: 7:00PM
Place: Strathroy District Collegiate Institute, 361 Second St. Strathroy MAP
Speakers: Doug Pedlar, Richard Wakefield, Monica Elmes, Harvey Wrightman

Parkhill Wind Turbine Info Meeting
Date: June 13
Time: 7:00PM
Place: North Middlesex District Community Centre, 225 McLeod St., Parkhill MAP
Speakers: Doug Pedlar, Richard Wakefield, Barbara Ashbee, Lorrie Gillis

Forest Wind Turbine Info Meeting
Date: June 14
Time: 7:00PM
Place: Forest Legion, 58 Albert Street, Forest MAP
Speakers: Doug Pedlar, Richard Wakefield, Barbara Ashbee, Lorrie Gillis


NO NextEra! Attend Bluewater council meeting- May 17

Important meeting at the Bluewater Council’s special meeting on Thursday, May 17 at 7:00pm (@ The Stanley Complex, 38594A Mill Rd., Varna – where council holds there regular meetings) NextEra has applied for delegation status.

NextEra’s purpose – for the Municipality to finalize policies for wind energy companies and complete the Municipal comment form for submission, on the NextEra projects.

It is a public meeting and BAT has been granted delegation status as well.

I will be giving a talk after NextEra and we need to fill the building to show NextEra and council, once again, we mean business, are not going to stop the fight and will not go away anytime soon.

Please clear your slate and come to this MUST ATTEND meeting.
Thank you for all your support,

Dave Griffiths.
President – BAT – Bluewater Against Turbines

Wind Turbines Need To Be Stopped Says Opponent

by Chris Cooke, First Monday
Wind turbines are bad for health and bad for the economy. And the Middlesex – Lambton Wind Action Group is calling on municipal and provincial politicians to stop the proliferation of wind projects in Lambton County.

Group spokesman Mike Mahood of Thedford told the Rotary Club of Sarnia Bluewaterland that if left unchallenged Suncor Energy will build 250 turbines 600 feet high along Lake Huron in Lambton Shores. And he says another 150 will dot the County from Forest through to Watford and into Plympton Wyoming.

Four of the giant turbines known as the Zephyr Wind Plant are under construction at Watford and Mahood says that’s just the beginning.

He predicts “nothing good will come from this,” and insists the government of Dalton McGuinty “needs to be stopped.”

Mahood says McGuinty continues to ignore world – wide research that points to negative human and animal health impacts. Low frequency noise, shadow flicker and stray voltage are causing sleep disturbances, dizziness and nausea in humans along with low milk and egg production in farm animals he says.

Turbine blades are killing birds, bats and insects as the proliferation of wind turbines continues unabated. Read article

Ad-Met mayor calls in OPP for resident videotaping public meeting

At an Adelaide-Metcalfe council meeting, the mayor calls in the OPP, exercising his “power of Authority” to remove the videographer from a public/open meeting. the township did not have a bylaw that prohibited videotaping. At a previous meeting the council had discussed videotaping the meeting themselves, or asking videographers to write a letter of intent to council before a meeting that they want to tape. But no discussion was made this day. The mayor ambushed with calling the cops – no alternatives.

Some democracy that is… People- don’t let your democratically elected council run your township like a dictatorship!

Hagersville Hearing- May 4th (Part 2)

by Harvey Wrightman
It was a relief to have Eric Gillespie take the floor – Ms. Harris, the MOE layer, dressed-down in a smock and designer jeans, acted more like a student presenting a paper that needed more polish and irritated by the master’s remarks.

With Eric, we were back to analysis and logic.

He pointed out that it’s rather premature to consider dismissal of this action when there has only been one decision, Kent Breeze, which did establish the concept that wind turbines can cause serious health effects. He went on to say that even Dr. Leventhall has accepted all the symptoms of WTS (Wind Turbine Syndrome) as stated by Dr. Pierpont. The argument now is only how much separation between man and machine is required and what percentage of the population may be affected – somewhere in a range of 5% – 30%. The current state of scientific investigation does not specify what causes the malady; but, we know noise, EMF, light flicker are involved. The evidence that has been presented is as much as science allows, so far.

However, one can say that irrespective of:

1) the make or model of wind turbine
2) the number of wind turbines in a project
3) the type of receptor; i.e., whether young or old, educated or not, whatever the occupation
4) whether the topography is flat or rolling

…you still see the “effects” that Dr. Leventhall happily accepts as caused by Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT’s). Read the rest of this entry

Wind companies swap land leases

Suncor Energy says there’s nothing unusual about a land swap agreement it has in Lambton and Middlesex counties with a neighbouring wind company.

Suncor plans to build an up to 62 wind turbine Cedar Point Wind Power Project in parts of Plympton-Wyoming and Lambton Shores. Lambton Shores is also where Nextera Energy plans to build its proposed 150-MW Jericho Wind Energy Centre.

The Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group, one of the local citizens’ groups opposed to wind farms, recently posted to its website a copy of a Suncor document about the swap agreement with Nextera.

“What I can say is that’s a normal part of business agreements that take place from time to time,” said Suncor spokesperson Michael Southern.

“The reason why Suncor would consider something like that is if it helps us in developing the best wind power project we can.”

The correspondence states the companies have decided to separate their projects by exchanging of options for easements from landowners each holds in the proposed areas for the wind farms.

The document says land agents for the two companies will be contacting landowners to discuss the transfer.

“They got all the leases they could higgledy-piggledy, and now they’re starting to swap them so that they’re more strategic,” said Marcelle Brooks, a member of the wind action group. Read the rest of this entry

Haldimand Appeal – May 4th

By Harvey Wrightman
Driving down-country on the Norwich Road, I was reminded of the beauty of this part of Ontario which still retains a significant forest – very lovely and one could easily imagine a life here; but, then I had a vision of the parasitic wind reps who probably were on the same road, driving some generic white/black SUV with blacked-out windows. They are thick everywhere, and hadn’t I just heard that there were 30 of them bivouacked in the Forest Sands Hotel. The wind companies need a lot of these thugs.

I soon arrived in Haggersville, the site of the ERT appeal into the Summerhaven Wind project owned by FPL – sorry, they don’t like the name of the corporate sire (Florida Power and Light) – so it’s NextEra.  A name so much more contemporary and less “industrial”.

TCI, the Irish company (I wonder if ever they will actually build a project), signed all the leaseholders to the original contracts, then sold them out to NextEra. Irish BS goes further than anything the dour reps of NextEra with their pinched faces could ever manage.

The venue for the hearing is an older community centre, a smallish room with a parquet dance floor and simple, functional furniture. The mercury lights are right out of a hockey arena, casting a blue/green synthetic glow and humming so much that it was at times, difficult to hear. But we all made the best of it and a goodly number of locals were in attendance. I have some new friends now.

Since it wasn’t all cushy and proper like the county council chambers in Chatham, the audience acted more like they were at a card party, but a relatively quiet one. The topic was an important one: MOE motions to dismiss both the Haldimand Wind Concerns appeal AND the appeal of Bill Monture, a Mohawk living a traditional life, not aligned with the elected council or the HDI. The MOE lawyer, Ms. Harris, showed lots of gumption, but I’d have to say she had quite a lot on her platter for the day, as you will see. Read the rest of this entry

N. Middlesex council presentation- May 7th

North Middlesex:  Council Meeting/Rally/Presentation @ 229 Main Street, in Parkhill, on Monday May 7, at 7pm.

Show that we do not want Industrial Wind Development in our Community.

Bring your signs, your lawn chairs, your umbrella and your spirit.

Plympton-Wyoming residents say no to wind turbines

By John Phair, Today’s Farmer

In closing Vanhuisen had a warning for those in attendance. “Don’t come bitchin after the fact, get involved now,” she said.

Public resistance to industrial wind turbines appears to be gaining momentum across southwestern Ontario.

A crowd of about 600 packed the Camlachie Community Hall April 19 for a town hall meeting hosted by a newly formed citizen’s group known as W.A.I.T (We’re Against Industrial Turbines).

The group has been formed to oppose an 83-turbine wind farm project proposed by Suncor that would eventually span the Lambton County municipalities of Huron Shores, Plympton-Wyoming and Enniskillen Township.

Bill Wright, a long-time Plympton-Wyoming resident and spokesman for the group, said W.AI.T. intends to do everything it can to prevent industrial wind turbines from every being built in Plympton-Wyoming.

“That’s why we exist,” he said. Read the rest of this entry

Wind bidding war in Middlesex & Lambton

Wind companies trading leases “like monopoly”, offering cash for extensions: opponents

By Heather Wright, Sarnia Lambton This Week
LAMBTON SHORES – Jim thought it would be a great way to secure the future of his family farm, but now the land lease he signed with Suncor Energy is making him feel anything but secure.

The Lambton Shores man, who asked us to protect his identity, is in the middle of Suncor’s Cedar Point industrial wind farm. The company wants to erect 62 turbines – half of those in Lambton Shores – to generate power. Not far from Jim’s farm, NextEra is preparing to build an industrial wind farm with 92 turbines.

Jim signed the land lease with Suncor nearly five years ago – long before he had researched any of the potential problems which people who live near the turbines are reporting. For him, it was a way to keep his family farm afloat.

“I said, ‘Well, to secure this for my grandchildren I’ll put that windmill on it. I don’t have to worry about the farm because the taxes will be paid for me.’”

Jim and several other landowners in Lambton Shores are coming close to a deadline in the leases which would allow them to opt out of the contract. Jim has decided not to sign on again saying the turbines “are unsafe, they’re not green and they’re going to bankrupt the province.”

But Suncor and NextEra are now swapping land leases and farmers like Jim are feeling the pressure to sign extensions to those deals are hoping to abandon.

Sarnia Lambton This Week has obtained a letter from Suncor Energy which explained the land lease swap to the landowners.

“Jericho and Suncor, by virtue of a Land Swap Agreement, have agreed to separate their projects and thereby maximize efficiency through an exchange of interests in certain optioned lands. Accordingly, certain lands that are currently held under option by Jericho will become part of Suncor’s renewable energy project and certain lands that are currently held under option by Suncor will become part of Jericho’s renewable energy project,” writes Chris Moger, surface landman for Suncor. “We believe that this exchange is in the best interest of both projects and all landowners participating in those projects.”

Marcelle Brooks of Middlesex Lambton Wind Concerns isn’t surprised by the move. “Quite a while ago, there was a free for all going on” as companies tried to option land from local farmers. “There really was not a plan in place…it was like whoever had the most leases in place was the winner – it was like Monopoly…you buy up everything.” Read the rest of this entry

NextEra Goshen Wind Meetings – May 29,30

NextEra public meeting notice to update on proposed changes regarding a transmission line for the project.

Project to consist of 63 1.6MW turbines (project documents)

Date:    May 29
Time:   4-7PM
Place:  South Huron Recreation Centre 94 Victoria St. East, Exeter MAP

Date:     May 30
Time:    4-7PM
Place:    Stanley Complex 38594A Mill Rd., Varna MAP