Wind Turbines Need To Be Stopped Says Opponent

by Chris Cooke, First Monday
Wind turbines are bad for health and bad for the economy. And the Middlesex – Lambton Wind Action Group is calling on municipal and provincial politicians to stop the proliferation of wind projects in Lambton County.

Group spokesman Mike Mahood of Thedford told the Rotary Club of Sarnia Bluewaterland that if left unchallenged Suncor Energy will build 250 turbines 600 feet high along Lake Huron in Lambton Shores. And he says another 150 will dot the County from Forest through to Watford and into Plympton Wyoming.

Four of the giant turbines known as the Zephyr Wind Plant are under construction at Watford and Mahood says that’s just the beginning.

He predicts “nothing good will come from this,” and insists the government of Dalton McGuinty “needs to be stopped.”

Mahood says McGuinty continues to ignore world – wide research that points to negative human and animal health impacts. Low frequency noise, shadow flicker and stray voltage are causing sleep disturbances, dizziness and nausea in humans along with low milk and egg production in farm animals he says.

Turbine blades are killing birds, bats and insects as the proliferation of wind turbines continues unabated. Read article


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