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Adelaide-Metcalfe: say NO to Sec. 13.3!!

The excerpt below is the “NEW” clause added to the Adelaide-Metcalfe procedural by-law. Note the use of bold ink for greater emphasis. The Ministry of Housing & Municipal Affairs and the Office of the Ombudsman both encourage local councils to provide video-recording of public meetings. This by-law effectively flouts that very reasonable government policy.

The author(s) of this section can only be described as oafish, over-controlling bullies. However, it is not passed, yet. (Y)our last chance to bring some sense to council lies with the May 22nd meeting. Be there at 7PM sharp and show the council that you will not have the ‘mayor’ (king supreme, or whatever he imagines himself) telling you what to say, what to possess, what to wear and who to speak with.

SAY NO to Sec. 13.3

13.3 Members of the public must, while in attendance, maintain an appropriate level of decorum. The presiding member may, and at the request of any member of the council shall, determine the appropriateness of activities taking place in the public gallery. Activities which may be disruptive to the meeting, as determined by the presiding member, are forbidden. Persons who do not abide by directions from the Chair shall be required to leave the meeting.

For greater certainty, the following activities are not permitted without authorization from the Chair: applause, heckling, shouting, singing and audible speech or conversations: the use of telephones, lighting, recording equipment, cameras, microphones and similar devices, displays of written or printed material, whether worn or affixed to other personal items, consuming food or beverages other than water, except as provided by the municipality.

This is a BIG issue as it strikes at our freedom of speech, expression and access to information.

We need everyone’s support. Please come.

Meeting is on Tuesday May 22nd, @ 7:00PM at the Adelaide-Metcalfe twp office.


The Wind Petition Rural ON always wanted to sign (-;

We, the undersigned, as residents of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area from Hamilton to Oshawa) and Southern Ontario believe strongly in the Green Energy Act and its goals.

As such, we feel it is time for us to stand behind these beliefs and to request that we (specifically the large cities along the lakeshore as mentioned above) do our part to achieve Premier Dalton McGuintys goal of 10,000mw of green energy.

The GTA, being the largest consumer of energy in Ontario, should step up and help to create its own energy by way of wind and solar power. It is time to show the rest of Ontario and the world that we aren’t just paying lip service to this initiative, but rather we are dedicated to showing that we want to be responsible for the production of our own energy.

In order to do this we would like to see industrial wind turbines be built along the shoreline of the Greater Toronto Area, in the same fashion that has already been done along the shorelines of Lakes Erie, Huron and Georgian Bay. These areas as well as rural Ontario have already done their fair share and shouldn’t be expected to continue to produce the power that the GTA requires.

Therefore, in addition to building the remaining necessary wind turbines (required to meet Premier McGuinty’s green energy goal) along the GTA shoreline, we also ask that no additional farmland be sacrificed for the sake of green energy. They should also no longer be built in designated wildlife areas or fragile ecosystems.

If the industrial wind turbines are built in as dense a quantity along the GTA shoreline as is currently along the shores of the other Great Lakes and across rural Ontario, then Premier McGuintys green energy goals will be easily achieved.

Rural Ontario can retain the much-needed farmland for the production of food as has been done for centuries in this province and the GTA can be proud and stand tall in proclaiming that we practice what we preach.