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Take back Adelaide-Metcalfe! May 22

Over 100 people arrived at the small Adelaide-Metcalfe Township council office, but there are only chairs for 20 in council chambers upstairs. Now on any other normal night, the council would move the meeting in the basement where there is much more room, and many chairs. But not tonight. I walked in, all the chairs were full, and there was EIGHTY people behind me waiting to get in, not sure where to go or stand in the foyer. So we moved in. I stood behind the clerk and mayor…what else were we to do? Still we could only pack 79 people in… which was WAY over the fire CODE. But the council would not move us. Safety is apparently not a concern to them.

The meeting started, the Lord’s Prayer was said, the mayor asked that the video recorder be shut off, when it wasn’t, he got up to call the police. BUT this time, coun. Smith asked taht council vote on it,a dn taht the vote is recorded:
In favour of calling the police on the vidoegraphers:
Mayor David Bolton
Deputy Mayor Adrian Debruyn
Counc. Betty Anne MacKinnon

Against calling the police:
Coun. Kurtis Smith
Coun. Nick Stockman

The police arrived fairly quickly, about 4 or 5 cruisers, but they didn’t park at the office, some stayed on side roads in the distance. The OPP would not enter the building with that many people. They called their supervisor, who was 45 minutes away… that ‘s a looooong time to wait in a cramped, hot room. So I opened the windows (-; That relaxed people a touch, but not THAT much.

Why would a mayor decide to not accommodate the people who are attending the council meeting? Why would he just assume they would all hang out in the hall? Haven’t we had enough DISRESPECT from this council???

We’ll let you know when this meeting resumes– it should be within the next couple of days. Please come again, and again until we have democracy restored to this little township.  We CAN make a difference! THANK YOU ALL!

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