June 4th – Say NO to Adelaide-Metcalfe ban on videoing- again!

Adelaide-Metcalfe Meeting
Say NO to Sec. 13.3!!!
Date: June 4
2340 Egremont Dr. , Adelaide

Ayyayiiii! OK, so is everyone ready to attend yet another Adelaide-Metcalfe council meeting? Please read through this- I know it is lengthy.

Adelaide-Metcalfe June 4th Agenda 

From the top down- points to note:

  • ABSENT WITH NOTICE: Councillor Nick Stokman
  • The meeting will be held in the Lower Level of the Township Building.
  • The Meeting will be taped by the Township of Adelaide Metcalfe and will be downloaded on the Municipality’s website.
  • The room capacity is rated and this matter will be enforced for the safety of everyone.
  • Please respect that Adelaide Metcalfe residents will have priority to attend the meeting.

Got all that?

That’s only the beginning:

On the agenda you will see that the procedural bylaw is still looking to be amended so that videotaping is banned:

  • 13.3 Members of the public must, while in attendance, maintain an appropriate level of decorum. The presiding member may, and at the request of any member of the council shall, determine the appropriateness of activities taking place in the public gallery. Activities which may be disruptive to the meeting, as determined by the presiding member, are forbidden. Persons who do not abide by directions from the Chair shall be required to leave the meeting. For greater certainty, the following activities are not permitted without authorization from the Chair: applause, heckling, shouting, singing and audible speech or conversations: the use of telephones, lighting, recording equipment, cameras, microphones and similar devices, displays of written or printed material, whether worn or affixed to other personal items, consuming food or beverages other than water, except as provided by the municipality.

So we are still dealing with the same situation as last time? Are we still going to have the OPP called on us for drinking coffee, taking a picture, or clapping our hands?

And the night gets more exciting…


  • 7:30 pm – Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing

Mrs. Jill Bellchamber Glazier

Mr. Roger Moyer

Ms. Sandra DatarsBere

Local Governance

  • 8:30 pm – Mr. Jeff Matthews, Mr. Craig Saari & Mr. Reg Harford

Verbal presentation of comments on the proposed amendments to the Procedural By-Law.

There is also a correspondence link of a letter from the ombudsman…but it doesn’t work- it takes you to a fisheries page. Here’s the real link below. The ombudsman has told council and clerk that they must list everything that is discussed in closed door on the agenda. On March 5th, 3 items were missing.

Oh look, the Ministry of Environment (Dear Doris Dumais) has generously given NextEra and ‘extension’ for their Adelaide project:

And NextEra has changed their venue from the Adelaide school to…. You guessed it: The Adelaide-Metcalfe Township office! Wonder what they are going to do about the fire code….

And to top it off (this is why you stay until the end of the meeting), the bylaws are passed:


Pass resolution that three readings be given to the following By-Laws:

By-Law #43-2012 (Procedural By-Law)

Notice again that there is NO correspondence listed from residents (even thought I know of at least 8 letters from different people) re: “past meeting calling OPP and procedural bylaw” listed.

Please come Monday June 4th, 7:00PM, “basement”.


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