Wind firms not local

London Free Press
John Miner has nailed the invasion of foreign wind companies in rural Ontario in his article, They sound homey – they aren’t (June 20).

If you are unlucky enough to have to attend a wind company meeting, you will be disheartened to realize when the wind representative says he is from “around here,” he means Mississauga. That’s as local as it gets.

At an Adelaide NextEra meeting, I referred to the company by the name it used to go by – Florida Power and Light (FPL). The wind representatives sharply told me: “We are not FPL; we are NextEra Canada.” Embroidered on the left-hand side of one representative’s shirt were the words “Florida Power and Light.”

NextEra/FPL has zero wind turbines in Florida, but they are happy to shove 38 in Adelaide, 45 near Parkhill and 92 near Forest and Watford. That is just one of the multinational corporations. This is why I use the word “invasion.”

Esther Wrightman, Kerwood


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