Nextera changes Open House venue a THIRD time

Oh for crying out loud. Is it even legal to mess around with a public meeting venue as much as Nextera has with the Adelaide Wind one??

A month ago we were told it would be at the elementary school (that will be surrounded by turbines) Adelaide W.G. MacDonald school.

A couple weeks later there was a letter in some residents mailbox (not everyone’s- I didn’t’ get one) saying the venue had been changed to the Adelaide Township Office basement. Well we all know the fire code is only 86 people sitting … so you can imagine how that would go.

And then this morning there is a letter (again, I didn’t get one – I must be blocked (-;) with ANOTHER change in venue. This time it’s Amy’s Place restaurant in Strathroy!

So if anyone actually makes it to the meeting, a the right place, I’ll be surprised. Not that this is a bad thing for Nextera— they’d rather not have us there anyways…conveniently.

So Ministry of Environment- what do you think? Is it OK to play musical venues with ‘Open Houses’? Is this ignorable? Do you really care if we aren’t there, or driving every which way in the township on July 12th? No you don’t. It’s just another check mark on the list of things the wind company has to do to say they have consulted with us. Yeah, right. Community Consultation my !@#.


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