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LKM MPP townhall meetings- Strathroy, Forest, Wallaceburg

Bill Wright of Wyoming with Monte McNaughton, MPP for the rural riding of Lambton-Kent-Middlesex.

Lambton Kent Middlesex MPP Monte McNaugton hosting town halls in the riding. Good time to voice your concerns.

Strathroy Town Hall Meeting
Wednesday, August 1, 2012: 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Amy’s Place
County Road 81 @ Second Street, Strathroy

Wallaceburg Town Hall Meeting
Thursday, August 2, 2012: 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Royal Canadian Legion
52 Margaret Avenue, Wallaceburg

Forest Town Hall Meeting
Tuesday, August 7, 2012: 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Forest Golf Club
102 Main Street South, Forest

There is no charge to attend these events. Please RSVP to Jena Sasko at 519.245.8696 or


Wind turbines coming? Make sure you have a baseline health report done by your Dr.

there is never a good time to post and act on the info below, but considering 3 projects at least are up for approval in the next 6 months, you and your family would be wise to get a ‘baseline’ health status recorded by your doctor.


From: VOW (Victims of Wind)
Please see message below and distribute to others. Print a copy to have at hand.

If you have a wind project pending, use this baseline health assessment tool before they become operational.

In spite of peer reviewed evidence; a Freedom of Information obtained from the Ontario Ministry of Environment; excerpts from the Erikson Environmental Review Tribunal Decision; and thousands of noise and health complaints, financial settlements with the developer and people abandoning their homes, wind turbine projects continue to be approved. Once the turbines are operating, there is no mitigation or resolution available. Costly legal actions may take years.

It is important that members of the community prepare for the eventuality that in spite of the evidence and community resistance, industrial wind turbines may be approved.

1  Start a personal journal and prepare your own assessment of your health status including:

o do you sleep well or are you restless?
o are you stressed and anxious?
o do you have mood problems such as depression, anger?
o do you engage in conversations which require normal recall of events or names or terms?
o pre- and early-menopausal women include general menstrual cycle comments
o what activities do you enjoy inside and outside your dwelling?

2  Schedule an appointment with your family doctor:

o Tell him or her that you want a baseline of your health status to prepare for the wind turbines
o Give doctor a copy of your own assessment and ask that it be part of your medical record
o Request a complete physical be done including the following:

  • blood work( include all blood cell counts ( especially the various leuco and lymphocytes, mineral and hormone levels)
  • blood pressure
  • cortisol measurement
  • glucose tolerance
  • thyroid
  • Request a referral for a baseline hearing test, a cardiac stress test, a respiratory evaluation and an eye test from an ophthalmologist
  • If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, make sure these are noted in the baseline health assessment
  • Ask for a copy of the record of this appointment Read the rest of this entry

Bornish project documents submitted to MOE

The REA Application for the Nextera Bornish project was submitted July 25 to the Ministry of Environment.

The MOE has 40 days to review the application to see if it is complete.

They will do a technical review to ensure all information is there—bathroom reading I believe.

It will then be passed to the Environmental Registry where it will be open to the public for 30 days for comments.  All comments will be considered at this time period (or so Doris says.)  It will then be decided if it is an acceptable project.  Oh and we all know how that step will proceed – never has a project ever been denied approval.

There is an additional public meeting as a sort of addendum; because their meeting was in a Pavilion, the MOE feels that the public deserves another chance to comment on the documentation, in a more conducive environment—they didn’t need 30 days notice, as they’re really doing the public a favour, as they’ve already filed for the REA.  The comments received by the MOE, on that special day, will be added to the comments that are already in the submission.

If anyone has found any errors, omissions, discrepancies etc. in Next Terrors documents,  please forward them to Next Terror, and CC Doris Dumai$$.

So, it’s not going to matter to Next Terror at all if there is no additional meeting, and I suspect they won’t be putting much effort into it anyway.

Nextera Bornish Meeting (indoor)

DATE: August 15
TIME: 5-8pm
PLACE: Ailsa Craig Community Centre 155 Annie Ada Shipley Street, Ailsa Craig

Suncor Adelaide FINAL wind meeting – October 3

28 Wind Turbines.
Project Documents

DATE:October 3
TIME: 6-9 pm
PLACE: Adelaide Metcalfe Township Office (basement), 2340 Egremont Drive, Adelaide MAP

Nextera Adelaide FINAL wind meeting August 14

38 Wind Turbines.
Project Documents

DATE: August 14
TIME: 4-9 pm
PLACE: Adelaide Metcalfe Township Office (basement), 2340 Egremont Drive, Adelaide MAP

U of Windsor researcher: LFN from IWTs affect people

“This summer on the Bridge, we’re talking about some of the interesting research being done at the University of Windsor. This afternoon, Colin Novak joins me. Colin teaches Automotive and Material Engineering at the University of Windsor. And He’s in the process of figuring out how Wind Turbines actually affect human beings.” Listen here

Political leaders seek moratorium on wind turbines

Sarnia Observer
The Conservative MP and MPP for Sarnia-Lambton are calling for a moratorium on new wind farms in Ontario.

Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey and MP Patricia Davidson teamed up Thursday to urge the Liberal government at Queen’s Park to halt new wind energy projects while Health Canada studies the relationship between wind turbine noise and human health.

The move comes just days after the MP and MPP in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex made the same moratorium request.

The federal health study, announced last week, is expected to report its results in 2014.

“We know that there’s a tremendous amount of concern in the community,” Davidson said.

That’s why MPs in southwestern and eastern Ontario pushed Health Canada for a study, she said.

“In the meantime, I think that it makes perfect sense for all of us to just sit back and wait and see what the results are.” Read the rest of this entry

Ministry looking into wind meeting mixups

Sarnia This Week
LAMBTON COUNTY – The Ministry of the Environment is asking questions about a number of mix-ups NextEra Energy has had with its public meetings.

Wind energy companies are required to meet with people surrounding their projects as part of the approval process under the Green Energy Act. In the past few weeks, NextEra has had problems holding some of their meetings on a project which borders Lambton County.

Recently, NextEra was forced to have its public meeting in Ailsa Craig in an outdoor pavilion. Anti-wind activist learned the company had not booked the venue even though it had sent out notices about the meeting. So the activist booked the hall instead. That forced the NextEra meeting outside, right in the middle of a noisy protest.

It also had to postpone a meeting in Strathroy recently. It was first planned for a school, but the school was closed for the summer. It was then booked for a local resident. After wind activist explained the project and the fact they would be protesting at the event, the owner of the restaurant cancelled the booking. Read the rest of this entry

Industrial Wind Turbines and Their Effect on Our Quality of Life

Industrial wind turbines are springing up all over Ontario and people living close to them are concerned about what impact they might have, both on their personal wellbeing and on the value and enjoyment of their property. So are Ontario’s REALTORS®. Listen to LSTAR’s President-Elect, Doug Pedlar, as he presents the case for a moratorium on wind turbines until all the facts are in.

Support the moratorium on wind turbines

Sarnia Observer – Letters
Sir: I am writing to join with Monte McNaughton (Lambton-Kent-Middlesex PC) and Bev Shipley (Lambton-Kent-Middlesex CPC) Bob Bailey (Sarnia-Lambton) along with Tim Hudak in their call for a moratorium on the continued development of wind turbines in our area, at least until the Health Canada research study is completed in 2014.

Those of us who live and work in the area of development are working hard out here in rural Ontario, to get the message to Premier McGuinty that there is massive opposition to all wind turbines that have already been put up as well as those which are in the development stage. Information is the key to our opposition, because it seems that as more and more information on the costs and the health effects are disclosed to the constituents in Ontario, the more the opposition grows against green energy.

The Green Energy Act which the government enacted, is in direct contradiction to my rights as a citizen of Canada. The act takes away the ability of our local municipal politicians to act on behalf of their constituents. Even though the Liberals were re-elected in the last election, it was by a thin majority and without any support from rural Ontario. They will have to run again in the future, and I for one will be getting out of my chair and working hard to make sure that they are not re-elected again. I can only hope that the damage that they are doing to our landscape out here in rural Ontario is not too far gone before that happens.

Karen Warner

Turbine firm still looking for a venue

Debora Van Brenk, London Free Press
A wind-turbine meeting for the Strathroy area is once again homeless — for the fourth time — after the Thames Valley District school board balked at being host to the politically charged gathering.

NextEra Energy Canada had booked Adelaide-W.G. MacDonald school for an open house for Aug. 13, to discuss its plans for a 38-turbine installation nearby.

But the Thames Valley board this week nixed the contract, saying “(it) was not our intention” to be drawn into the political debate. “We’re frustrated, I think disappointed more than anything else, because we know that there are people out there that want to have dialogue with us, that want to give us feedback,” NextEra spokesperson Steven Stengel said. “There have been a number of roadblocks in front of us in trying to get this meeting scheduled.”

Another session will be scheduled somewhere else, he said.

That means the planned open house is not only homeless, but also dateless.

It’s the latest in what’s becoming a saga of company attempts to have a public open house as required by the provincial Environment Ministry. Read the rest of this entry

Convincing the masses

Watford Guide Editorial  —  By Jackie Rombouts

Many years ago a professor of mine once told me that in order to convince the masses of something, you must first discover what motivates them. This comment has stayed with me over the years and has served me well and it came to mind again today as I listened to Monte McNaughton and Bev Shipley discuss their views on why they have requested a moratorium for the continued industrial wind turbine developments and why they feel the government should rethink things before rushing into these expensive and inefficient projects.

Bev Shipley took the stance that health studies should be conducted before the projects should continue and I agree with him whole-heartedly. As a rural resident I am concerned for the health of my community who will be forced to reside beside these new developments, however I don’t think those who live in the city would really be all that concerned about the health and well being of those living close to the turbines. After all, I remind you of the comment given by one of the workers at the Zephyr project. He stated that it’s better for a few to suffer for the betterment of those in the city. So why should we care what the people in the city think? Well for one thing they make up the majority when it comes to voting rights and votes equal change in a democratic society. Those in political office need to respond to the majority or they won’t find themselves in office next term. So if the people in the larger urban centres don’t care about the well being of those in the rural communities and feel that the “green energy act will be in the best interest of all, what will motivate them to stand behind us to combat the building of more turbines? Read the rest of this entry

Wind storm still brews

London Free Press letters
Regarding the article Wind storm (July 17).

Dr. David Colby’s cottage is not “in the shadows of wind turbines” — his summer residence is 4.2 kilometres away from the nearest proposed turbine. This is eight times the provincial standard of 550 metres, in which we, the full-time residents of rural Ontario, have to live and work.

I also note that this massive Samsung project near Rondeau is not yet operational. Colby’s comments are harmful insults to those who are truly suffering in neighbouring areas, such as Ridgetown, Thamesville, Morpeth, Harrow, Watford and Clear Creek.

To say that their tinnitus, vertigo, nausea and heart palpitations are fake is not professional.

If Colby could get over his pro- turbine bias, perhaps he could then look at the residents who are suffering as evidence.

Esther Wrightman, Kerwood

Wind turbine noise

Low Frequency Noise 'RECEPTOR'

London Free Press
by R.B. Philp, Professor Emeritus (Western), Environmental toxicologist, London
“Authorities” such as various provincial officials and most recently the medical officer for Chatham-Kent (London Free Press, July17) are either unaware of, or simply trivializing, one adverse health effect of wind turbines that no-one denies; that is sleep deprivation. Two, fairly recent studies, one in Sweden in 2007 and the other in The Netherlands in 2009, examined this annoyance factor in a thorough, scientific manner. In each study over 700 individuals were surveyed by standard questionnaire and sound pressure measurements were taken outside their dwellings. The authors of both studies found that the frequency of annoyance and sleep deprivation increased with the proximity to wind turbines and higher sound levels. All of the other symptoms can flow from the single effect of sleep deprivation. We should remember that, far from being trivial, sleep deprivation was a standard “enhanced interrogation” technique at Guantanamo Bay prison. Read the rest of this entry

LKM: Local Politicians Call for Wind Turbine Moratorium

981 FreeFM, by Avery Moore
What is now flat farmland and forest in Middlesex and Lambton County could soon become a landscape dotted with wind turbines. But Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MP Bev Shipley and MPP Monte McNaughton are asking for the provincial government to put several wind projects on hold. Shipley says Ontario should not build any more turbines until the results of a recently announced Health Canada study on the health effects of wind turbines are out in 2014. Read article

Stopping turbines ‘right thing’

Opponents fighting plans to add dozens of wind turbines in rural communities near London say the turbines shouldn’t go up until a recently announced study by Health Canada is finished.
By DEBORA VAN BRENK, The London Free Press
PARKHILL – It was quiet enough to hear crickets in the cornfield and to make any occasional truck traffic a head-turning event.

Into this, wind companies want to situate a dizzying number of noisy wind turbines even though the health effects on nearby residents is unknown, critics charged Monday.

A provincial and federal Tory politician each called for a halt to building more machines until a Health Canada study is complete in 2014.

“It is, in my mind . . . just the right thing to do,” said MP Bev Shipley at an intersection near the intended axis of a cluster of 45 NextEra turbines south of Parkhill.

In the Lambton-Kent-Middlesex riding alone 400 turbines are planned, MPP Monte McNaughton said.

Calling the Green Energy Act a “disaster,” McNaughton said he would “absolutely” ditch turbine planning even if health studies show they’re benign. The Green Energy Act, McNaughton said, is “a waste of taxpayer dollars and a trampling of Ontarians’ rights.” Read the rest of this entry

Cedar Point Suncor Project Meetings Aug 21, 22, 23

Date:  August 21
Time: 6 – 9 pm
Place: Camlachie Community Centre, 6767 Camlachie Rd,  Camlachie MAP

Date: August 22
Time: 6 – 9 pm
Place: Forest Legion Branch 176, 58 Albert St, Forest MAP

Date: August 23
Time: 6 – 9 pm
Place: Watford Centennial Hall 101 Centennial Ave., Watford MAP

100 MW; 62 wind turbines.

Project Documents

Map of  Project Boundary Changes

Sarnia-Lambton MP Pat Davidson Pleased With Health Study

by Jay VanKlinken, Sarnia Blackburn News
Sarnia-Lambton’s MP is hopeful a Wind Turbine Noise & Health Study will prompt lots of public feedback.

Health Canada announced the study Tuesday saying it will focus on a targeted 2-thousand dwellings located near 8 to 12 wind turbine installation facilities in Canada.

Pat Davidson says it’s a hot-button issue in her riding. Listen here

Investigators will conduct in-person interviews, take indoor and outdoor noise measurements, and monitor blood pressure. Results are expected to be published in 20-14.

LKM MP Shipley calls for moratorium on Wind Turbine projects

Strathroy – Today MP Bev Shipley sent a letter to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty requesting a moratorium on the development of further wind turbine projects in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex.  MP Shipley is asking for an immediate halt pending completion of the Health Canada research study that will explore the relationship between wind turbine noise and health effects reported by people living near wind power developments.

Shipley says he is supporting the call of many concerned constituents who have contacted him, as well as his provincial counterpart MPP Monte McNaughton in requesting this moratorium.  Currently 8 projects consisting of some 400 turbines are slated for construction in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex. Read the rest of this entry

Controversial Mississauga gas plant to be moved to Sarnia area

Ed. Note: So are we still NIMBYs if we have BOTH Gas plants and Wind developments? Perhaps Mississauga and Etobicoke would like to take the turbines then…? There are 150 proposed for Lambton Shores- yours for the taking!

680 News
The controversial Greenfield South Power gas plant, originally planned for  Mississauga, is being relocated to the Sarnia area.
Ontario’s Minister of Energy Chris Bentley said an agreement was reached, Tuesday, to relocate the 300 megawatt plant to the Ontario Power Generation’s Lambton generating station site.

“We have fulfilled the commitment we made to the residents of Mississauga and Etobicoke,” Bentley told reporters. “We have found a resolution – a good site in a good location – so that the people of Ontario can benefit from the power this facility will provide.”

“It became very clear in the months leading up to September that a gas plant in Mississauga was not the appropriate location. The residents were expressing themselves in a very strong way,” he added. Read the rest of this entry

Wind turbine study comes too late: critics

By Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer

Health Canada’s decision to conduct a study to evaluate the relationship between wind turbine noise and potential health effects comes too late, says a Lambton County wind energy opponent.

Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq said Tuesday the federal government wants to look at health effects reported by people living near wind power developments.

“The study is in response to questions from residents living near wind farms about possible health effects of low frequency noise generated by wind turbines,” Aglukkaq said.

The study will focus, initially, on a sample size of 2,000 homes picked from eight to 12 locations in Canada. The results are expected in 2014.

“There’s our problem right there,” said Marcelle Brooks, a member of the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group. “Most of these projects are going to be up and running within the next year, to year and a half.” Read the rest of this entry

Turbine foes fight ‘the good fight’

By KATE DUBINSKI, The London Free Press
AILSA CRAIG – The videographer’s camera clicks off, the reporter lowers her microphone and thanks the company spokesperson for the interview.

But someone else has also been taking video of the encounter — a boy, no more than 14-years-old, one of a half-dozen protesters who make sure the company line is recorded for future reference.

In this small community, the big fight against wind turbine projects is on — and everyone, down to the kids taking pictures and whistling at company experts, is involved.

“Sure, everyone is stomping their feet right now but we’re at this 24-7,” said Patti Keller, whose home overlooks the planned NextEra Bornish wind farm that is being opposed here.

“We’re fighting the good fight.”

In London, city council and other public meetings bring out the same smattering of devoted local activists and protesters.

Here, people say their rural and small-town way of life is being challenged by a company that refuses to listen.

And they’re determined to be heard.

They might look like regular farmers and townspeople, but they’ve done their homework ahead of this open house, one in a series NextEra is holding about its proposed 50-turbine Bornish wind farm near Parkhill.

One man has printed out a lease agreement landowners sign with NextEra and has specific questions about several clauses.

Another woman is quizzing a company environmental expert about bird and bat migration patterns.

Someone else is taking an official to task about land measurements that don’t add up in several reports. Read the rest of this entry

Study to probe health effects

By Debora Van Brenk, The London Free Press

The emotionally and politically charged wind turbine debate in Ontario has just ramped up several notches as Health Canada launches a study of the human health impact of turbine noise.

The federal department will examine how low-frequency turbine sound affects nearby residents.

It aims to paint “a more complete picture of the potential health impacts of wind turbine noise,” federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq said.

The announcement comes as turbine giant NextEra plans a series of meetings this week and next about three proposed wind farms that will total 178 turbines in Lambton and northwest Middlesex counties.

Samsung plans another meeting this week regarding 142 turbines north of Goderich.

All told, more than 6,000 turbines are proposed or planned for Ontario.

Word of the study immediately prompted the Ontario Tories and the province’s anti-turbine coalition to demand the provincial Liberals place a moratorium on wind projects.

Turbines are a key element of the province’s green energy policy. Read the rest of this entry

Battle of the bookings

WIND ENERGY: Opponents snatch small victories against NextEra Energy
By DAN BROWN, The London Free Press
Wind energy opponent Esther Wrightman freely admits she uses underhanded tactics. “Was it devious? Absolutely,” she said with a chuckle Monday.

Wrightman was referring to booking a meeting room at the Ailsa Craig Recreation Centre for a gathering Tuesday at 4 p.m. The devious part? The company Wrightman opposes, NextEra Energy, wanted that slot. NextEra officials have now been relegated to holding their information session about the company’s proposed 50-turbine wind farm near Parkhill in a pavilion outside the rec centre.

”Whatever opportunities are there, we take them,” said Wrightman, who belongs to an organization called Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group. “We don’t have many options left.”  The tussle over the meeting venue is the latest skirmish in the action group’s determined campaign to keep wind turbines out of Lambton and Middlesex counties.

Read the rest of this entry

Nextera- shooting for a parking lot open house?

Does this look like a FINAL Public Meeting, venue to be hosted by the largest wind company in North America: Nextera? Yes, those heavy duty picnic tables are bolted down to the concrete pad.

What’s next, Nextera- Parking Lot Meetings? Pasture Open Houses?

Please come and protest this incompetent, inconsiderate company tomorrow AND the next day!
Date: July 10th (Bornish Wind 45 IWTs) & 11th (Adelaide Wind 38 IWTs)
Time: 4PM-7PM
Place: Ailsa Craig Community Centre, 155 Annie Ada Shipley Street, Ailsa Craig MAP

Pembina Tim Weis & Heidi Eijgel: Sacrifice Rural Ontario for Wind Turbines

In London, Ontario the Pembina Institute thought that Tim Weis & Heidi Eijgel could help sway the local opinion of Industrial Wind Turbines in our community. They were wrong. At the front door we were checked for paper — yes, any anti-turbine flyers were not permitted, and you would be charged with trespassing by any of the numerous police present that night if you took a piece of paper in. So the objective of the night was to provide the pro-wind side to whoever walked in, and any information that did not fit that bill would be removed, even testimonies from those who live with turbines in ONTARIO, were told to just write their questions on a comment card – they will not be allowed to speak at all. So we sat and listened to a woman from ALBERTA tell us how we should all get involved in the process (I know, like how much more involved should we get?) so that we can help with the decision making. It seems to me that she hasn’t met the Green Energy Act in her province yet, where all input from local communities is removed.

Hunt for meeting spot complicated

WIND TURBINES: Community anger is the latest reason proponent NextEra can’t find a place for its public presentation

By DEBORA VAN BRENK, The London Free Press

Amy Chan has owned a restaurant around Strathroy for 24 years, but it wasn’t until now that she felt compelled to cancel a booking for fear of protests.

Chan has never seen an issue rock rural Ontario like the coming of industrial wind turbines. So when her staff took a booking for her banquet hall at Amy’s from the continent’s largest wind company, NextEra Energy, to presents its plan on July 12, she phoned them back to cancel.

“People protesting — it wouldn’t be good,” Chan told The Free Press Friday.

Bookings have been light so far in Chan’s new hall in Adelaide Metcalfe Township, but Chan is focused on keeping in the good graces of neighbours.

“This is a very small town. People are happy — we hardly have any issues, but this time it seems they are very angry.”

That anger has boiled up often. Mayor David Bolton twice calling police to stop citizens from videotaping council meetings — an issue resolved in the favour of citizens. And the Liberals lost many rural seats in last October’s Ontario election.

That anger has left NextEra Energy’s Canadian subsidiary scrambling to find a place to hold the meeting. “We sincerely apologize for any confusion these circumstances may have caused,” the company wrote in a paid notice in Friday’s Free Press.

The cancellation by Chan was the third hurdle for NextEra Energy. It told residents the meeting would take place at Adelaide-W.G. MacDonald public school, only to discover there would be no custodial service because it was the summer. Then the company booked the township’s municipal office, only to find it was too small.

“Postponing it is not ideal,” NextEra spokesperson Josie Hernandez said. “This is something we had never expected to happen.” Read the rest of this entry

“NO Nextera – NO Wind Turbines in OUR Community Rally” — July 11th

Date: July 11th
Time: 3PM-8PM (show up whenever you can)
Place: Ailsa Craig Community Centre; 155 Annie Ada Shipley Street, Ailsa Craig MAP
Bring your whistles, your signs, your vehicles, water and your spirit!

Nextera FINAL meetings:
Bornish Project documents
Date: July 10th
Time: 4PM-7PM
Place: Ailsa Craig Community Centre
155 Annie Ada Shipley Street, Ailsa Craig MAP

Adelaide Project documents
Date: July 11th
Time: 4PM-7PM
Place: Ailsa Craig Community Centre
155 Annie Ada Shipley Street, Ailsa Craig MAP

Date: July 12th Time: 4PM-7PM
Place: *NOTE 2nd CHANGE OF VENUE: Amy’s Restaurant and Banquet Hall 228537 Centre Road, Strathroy 
Nextera had already cancelled 2 previous venues.

Note from Nextera: “The July 12th meeting has been postponed due to unavailability of a suitable venue on that date.  We will be rescheduling a meeting in the near future for a date in August with a full 30 day notice period. The July 11 meeting in Ailsa Craig will continue as planned. We apologize for any inconvenience.” ~ Derek Dudek

Adelaide (Kerwood/Strathroy) Nextera Project Documents- Please review

Report Summaries
REA Report Summaries

Draft Construction Report
Draft Construction Report
Appendix A, Site Plan Map 1
Appendix A, Site Plan Map 2
Appendix A, Site Plan Map 3
Appendix A, Site Plan Map 4
Appendix A, Site Plan Map 5
Appendix A, Site Plan Map 6
Appendix A, Site Plan Map 7

Decommissioning Report
Draft Decommissioning Plan Report

Draft Design and Operations Report, Appendix A & B
Draft Design and Operations Report, Text
Draft Design and Operations Report – Appendix A, Site Plan Map 1
Draft Design and Operations Report – Appendix A, Site Plan Map 2
Draft Design and Operations Report – Appendix A, Site Plan Map 3
Draft Design and Operations Report – Appendix A, Site Plan Map 4
Draft Design and Operations Report – Appendix A, Site Plan Map 5
Draft Design and Operations Report – Appendix A, Site Plan Map 6 Read the rest of this entry

Bornish (Parkhill/Arkona) Nextera Project Documents – Please review

Report Summaries
Plain Language Summaries, Part 1
Plain Language Summaries, Part 2
Plain Language Summaries, Part 3

Construction Plan Report
Construction Plan Report, Main Text, Part 1
Construction Plan Report, Main Text, Part 2
Appendix A, Part 1
Appendix A, Part 2

Appendix B

Decommissioning Plan Report
Decommissioning Plan Report, Main text

Draft Design and Operations Report, Appendix A & B
Design and Operations Report, Main text
Appendix A, Site Plans, Part 1
Appendix A, Site Plans, Part 2
Appendix A, Site Plans, Part 3
Appendix B, Wind Turbine Specifications Report Read the rest of this entry