Daily Archives: July 9, 2012

Nextera- shooting for a parking lot open house?

Does this look like a FINAL Public Meeting, venue to be hosted by the largest wind company in North America: Nextera? Yes, those heavy duty picnic tables are bolted down to the concrete pad.

What’s next, Nextera- Parking Lot Meetings? Pasture Open Houses?

Please come and protest this incompetent, inconsiderate company tomorrow AND the next day!
Date: July 10th (Bornish Wind 45 IWTs) & 11th (Adelaide Wind 38 IWTs)
Time: 4PM-7PM
Place: Ailsa Craig Community Centre, 155 Annie Ada Shipley Street, Ailsa Craig MAP


Pembina Tim Weis & Heidi Eijgel: Sacrifice Rural Ontario for Wind Turbines

In London, Ontario the Pembina Institute thought that Tim Weis & Heidi Eijgel could help sway the local opinion of Industrial Wind Turbines in our community. They were wrong. At the front door we were checked for paper — yes, any anti-turbine flyers were not permitted, and you would be charged with trespassing by any of the numerous police present that night if you took a piece of paper in. So the objective of the night was to provide the pro-wind side to whoever walked in, and any information that did not fit that bill would be removed, even testimonies from those who live with turbines in ONTARIO, were told to just write their questions on a comment card – they will not be allowed to speak at all. So we sat and listened to a woman from ALBERTA tell us how we should all get involved in the process (I know, like how much more involved should we get?) so that we can help with the decision making. It seems to me that she hasn’t met the Green Energy Act in her province yet, where all input from local communities is removed.