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Wind storm still brews

London Free Press letters
Regarding the article Wind storm (July 17).

Dr. David Colby’s cottage is not “in the shadows of wind turbines” — his summer residence is 4.2 kilometres away from the nearest proposed turbine. This is eight times the provincial standard of 550 metres, in which we, the full-time residents of rural Ontario, have to live and work.

I also note that this massive Samsung project near Rondeau is not yet operational. Colby’s comments are harmful insults to those who are truly suffering in neighbouring areas, such as Ridgetown, Thamesville, Morpeth, Harrow, Watford and Clear Creek.

To say that their tinnitus, vertigo, nausea and heart palpitations are fake is not professional.

If Colby could get over his pro- turbine bias, perhaps he could then look at the residents who are suffering as evidence.

Esther Wrightman, Kerwood


Wind turbine noise

Low Frequency Noise 'RECEPTOR'

London Free Press
by R.B. Philp, Professor Emeritus (Western), Environmental toxicologist, London
“Authorities” such as various provincial officials and most recently the medical officer for Chatham-Kent (London Free Press, July17) are either unaware of, or simply trivializing, one adverse health effect of wind turbines that no-one denies; that is sleep deprivation. Two, fairly recent studies, one in Sweden in 2007 and the other in The Netherlands in 2009, examined this annoyance factor in a thorough, scientific manner. In each study over 700 individuals were surveyed by standard questionnaire and sound pressure measurements were taken outside their dwellings. The authors of both studies found that the frequency of annoyance and sleep deprivation increased with the proximity to wind turbines and higher sound levels. All of the other symptoms can flow from the single effect of sleep deprivation. We should remember that, far from being trivial, sleep deprivation was a standard “enhanced interrogation” technique at Guantanamo Bay prison. Read the rest of this entry

LKM: Local Politicians Call for Wind Turbine Moratorium

981 FreeFM, by Avery Moore
What is now flat farmland and forest in Middlesex and Lambton County could soon become a landscape dotted with wind turbines. But Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MP Bev Shipley and MPP Monte McNaughton are asking for the provincial government to put several wind projects on hold. Shipley says Ontario should not build any more turbines until the results of a recently announced Health Canada study on the health effects of wind turbines are out in 2014. Read article

Stopping turbines ‘right thing’

Opponents fighting plans to add dozens of wind turbines in rural communities near London say the turbines shouldn’t go up until a recently announced study by Health Canada is finished.
By DEBORA VAN BRENK, The London Free Press
PARKHILL – It was quiet enough to hear crickets in the cornfield and to make any occasional truck traffic a head-turning event.

Into this, wind companies want to situate a dizzying number of noisy wind turbines even though the health effects on nearby residents is unknown, critics charged Monday.

A provincial and federal Tory politician each called for a halt to building more machines until a Health Canada study is complete in 2014.

“It is, in my mind . . . just the right thing to do,” said MP Bev Shipley at an intersection near the intended axis of a cluster of 45 NextEra turbines south of Parkhill.

In the Lambton-Kent-Middlesex riding alone 400 turbines are planned, MPP Monte McNaughton said.

Calling the Green Energy Act a “disaster,” McNaughton said he would “absolutely” ditch turbine planning even if health studies show they’re benign. The Green Energy Act, McNaughton said, is “a waste of taxpayer dollars and a trampling of Ontarians’ rights.” Read the rest of this entry

Cedar Point Suncor Project Meetings Aug 21, 22, 23

Date:  August 21
Time: 6 – 9 pm
Place: Camlachie Community Centre, 6767 Camlachie Rd,  Camlachie MAP

Date: August 22
Time: 6 – 9 pm
Place: Forest Legion Branch 176, 58 Albert St, Forest MAP

Date: August 23
Time: 6 – 9 pm
Place: Watford Centennial Hall 101 Centennial Ave., Watford MAP

100 MW; 62 wind turbines.

Project Documents

Map of  Project Boundary Changes