Bornish project documents submitted to MOE

The REA Application for the Nextera Bornish project was submitted July 25 to the Ministry of Environment.

The MOE has 40 days to review the application to see if it is complete.

They will do a technical review to ensure all information is there—bathroom reading I believe.

It will then be passed to the Environmental Registry where it will be open to the public for 30 days for comments.  All comments will be considered at this time period (or so Doris says.)  It will then be decided if it is an acceptable project.  Oh and we all know how that step will proceed – never has a project ever been denied approval.

There is an additional public meeting as a sort of addendum; because their meeting was in a Pavilion, the MOE feels that the public deserves another chance to comment on the documentation, in a more conducive environment—they didn’t need 30 days notice, as they’re really doing the public a favour, as they’ve already filed for the REA.  The comments received by the MOE, on that special day, will be added to the comments that are already in the submission.

If anyone has found any errors, omissions, discrepancies etc. in Next Terrors documents,  please forward them to Next Terror, and CC Doris Dumai$$.

So, it’s not going to matter to Next Terror at all if there is no additional meeting, and I suspect they won’t be putting much effort into it anyway.

Nextera Bornish Meeting (indoor)

DATE: August 15
TIME: 5-8pm
PLACE: Ailsa Craig Community Centre 155 Annie Ada Shipley Street, Ailsa Craig


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