ILL Wind Reporting website launched

A small group of us Ontario residents launched a new website today ( for our province, and for the world. For too long reports from those who live among turbines have been submitted to government agencies (ie Ministry of Environment) or wind companies, and are never heard from again. Filed and forgotten or lost. We hope to expose the proliferation of incidents locally, and perhaps even worldwide, with this self-reporting site.

What can be reported? Health reports, noise, bird kill, unsold homes, flicker, power surges, turbine failure, and even unethical behaviour (there’s lots of that, don’t we know!). See more categories here. Using the Ushahidi platform, each report is pinpointed on a Google map, and it grows as more reports from an area increases — showing ‘hot spots’ of wind turbine destruction.

The reporting is completely anonymous. Even if you choose to provide your contact info so that we can verify your report, the contact information will NOT be posted. If you would like the ability to edit your reports, please create an account. You may also file reports for other individuals as a reporter for your community. Do not worry about doubling reports (eg. 2 people report on the noise of the Ripley turbines last night), as this helps verify the reports – it’s a good thing.
We hope you will give it a try – it is very user friendly. If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions, please send them along to


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