Residents of Plympton Fighting Giant Wind Turbines

Governments and environmentalists all over the world have been looking for solutions to the world’s energy crisis. For a while, it seemed that clean wind power from wind turbines would be a perfect fix. However, since the installation of several wind turbines in Ontario, once hopeful residents have been left severely disillusioned.

WAIT-PW (We’re Against Industrial Turbines- Plympton Wyoming) is a local group looking to stop the construction of new turbines in the Plympton-Wyoming community. Last month a town hall meeting was held to spread awareness about the harmful features of wind turbines. Speaker Nikki Horton, who has lived next to, and surrounded by, wind turbines for the last four years, spoke about how she and her family were experiencing a barrage of new illnesses since the installation of the wind turbines near her home. She was not alone.

Many people who live within 500m – 2km of wind turbines have complained of lack of sleep, inner ear problems, nausea, severe headaches, heart palpitations, fatigue, and forgetfulness since the turbines were installed near their homes. The problem is, as told by engineer Bill Palmer, is that the turbines are simply built too close to residents.

“All over the world, wind turbines have coexisted with people, but because they are placed in offshore, industrial parks that do not interfere with daily life,” says Mr. Palmer. The wind turbines in Ontario are causing so many problems because they are much larger than turbines in Europe or Oceania, and they are placed much closer to residential areas, according to Mr. Palmer. Read article


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