OPP save wind developers from “us”

So this is the new norm of a rural neighbourhood poised to see turbines in the future? Police on our dead end roads to ‘protect’ the wind developers (sticking flags int he ground) from .. a school bus? Maybe someone should tell the cop that the real danger lies in where this school bus goes every day – to a school that will be surrounded by 16 turbines within 3 km of it. Now THAT is criminal. Gives NextEra’s nickname ‘NexTerror’ a completely new meaning.

A couple reports and a reaction to ponder from Adelaide area this afternoon:

“When I was coming home today around 1pm, there was a Callon Dietz van parked on the corner of Cuddy and Kerwood Rd….  there were 2 or 3 other vehicles AND an OPP cruiser with his lights on.  I passed them, and was wondering what was going on.  They then came past our home – escorted by the OPP car.  They were milling about.  It leaves me wondering why my tax payer dollars are going to pay for a cop to escort them around!  And perhaps if you need a police escort, you shouldn’t be mucking about in the dirty windmill industry.”

“1 truck, 1 van and a little blue car to look at flags. Oh don’t forget about the cop! He stood guard first in the middle of the road while my child got off the bus. That school bus is pretty shifty, eh! And you better watch out wind workers ya never know what traffic could pass them on that dead end road!!!”

“Why in god’s brown earth should any company need police escort if they are doing things that are ethical…”


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  1. Give Green A Rest!

    I sent this letter to our gov. officials to let them see how well this green energy sham is working so far!

    Talk about a fiasco! This is now how we live? These action are only ramping up something to actually happen!

    I just wanted to share at how disgusted I was when my son came home off the bus from school. When approaching our home some children on the bus were wondering what was going on while my son got off at his stop. Let me draw you this picture that my kids got to see, there was a van with an orange lite, a truck and a car parked at the corner across from my kids bus cubby, 5 men standing there. Its a dead end road, seeing people there was a bit odd. But it was the police man standing on guard in the middle of that road and a cruiser that seemed to be the real kicker.

    When my son asked me what was going on I had to assure him everything was fine that it was just the wind companies own NextEras hired crew well known around here as Next Terror as they do as they wish. I knew this as I have had their same van parked along my ditch this summer while they were on my property walking around and then putting stakes on my side of the fence. They did not come to the door and ask me to be on my private property they just did whatever they wished. Yes letting anyone know what their doing would be so hard to do wouldn’t it? This is the country, and we are used to having privacy, when people show up and do as they wish its a little alarming.

    But the police and car??? This really must be the last straw.

    First I’m not amused that my children and other children have to be put into this position, this is not a normal thing wouldn’t you say?

    A cop standing in the middle of the road, hands on hips ready for action! REALLY??! When did we move to New York? Was the school bus a threat? It was a public school bus after all, and theres 1 person that lives on that dead end road, so guarding the crew on it was a site to see.

    The second point, I was amazed that now this crew needed what I assumed was police protection.

    From……?? So they come and go as they please, they bully the neighbors at any given chance only to be bringing with them the life changing horrors to come with their invasive 427′ industrial turbines, but they need the police protection!

    I’m shocked at this surreal joke! Where is the communities protection from them?? Oh that’s right we don’t have any. Stripped of our voices and rights to our lively hoods. I should have a cop at my lawn I suppose. Seeing as this company is wreaking havoc on my life and my families. Plastering my home by windfarms 72 turbines (for now) on both my properties I will lose, my value of my home, my scenic beauty on all sides, I will also soon be host to their massive poles and cables in my right of way that they will steal so close to my children’s bedrooms, my life plan of building on my land is gone as they tell me I will be living in their turbines shadows, and for me to get used to the daily flicker, having to live right beside the access road that will be ongoing for years. And by the school, massive turbines with a meer 48 blades whirling, cables above the youngest play equipment my 7yr old still uses, and a substation to boot.

    But it is them that need the protection from us!? I haven’t heard anyone threatening them around here, just the opposite. If I could be stripped of all I worked for yet haven’t shown any force I hardly doubt they’ve peeved anyone off more then myself.

    Third, I’m wondering how much of my tax money has been wasted by chaperoning this joke of a company around? Talk about money thrown out the door! Security guards all over the place at their meetings, now cops while doing surveys! Does it ever occur to anyone that perhaps they are the ones doing something so wrong that they need to have all this back up and drive around in a little police led brigade??? If it was for the better good they wouldn’t need any of this. I’m sure this will likely only get worse as the deadlines come and more unaware residents open their eyes.

    I will tuck my young children in tonite and hope they don’t have a nightmare. Too bad for the rest of us parents, were living one!

    Sincerely disgusted how our senseless liberal leaders have treated our community and my children shame on you!

    its too bad your changing how my children view athorities, I though we we’re the good guys?

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