Napier/Kerwood wpd Final Public Meeting: Dec 6

This project is an example of how small can be sometimes just as bad as large.  

The Napier project (that isn’t near Napier at all) is ‘only’ 2 turbines. But if these 2 turbines were part of Nextera or Suncor’s projects, they would be the most ILL PLACED turbines of the 50 or so proposed

Below is the noise map – yes the same hideous maps that Suncor use. I put road names on it for you, because they were missing, again. Check out the line for the 40 dBA — check out how many homes are along that line along Napperton Dr. From their chart it says there will be 9 homes that will be under 700m from these turbines (closest is 573m away from a home). Notice also that there isn’t single ‘participating’ receptor.

wpd Canada Corporation (wpd Canada) – Napier Wind Project

Final Public Meeting
Date::  December 6th
Time:   5:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.
Place: Adelaide Metcalfe Township Office – Lower Hall, 2340 Egremont Drive-
RR#5, Strathroy, ON MAP


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