So you think you can read (the right documents)?

Did you know….
….when a wind project report is posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) for the 30 day public review and comments, you are supposed to review these documents at the Ministry of Environment office listed on the announcement? It doesn’t actually say that anywhere (feel a little mislead?), so don’t feel bad if you have always done as the ads in the newspaper said – reviewed documents posted on the wind company’s website. You see, the wind company can post whatever inaccurate information they want on their website — nobody controls that nor cares. But the MOE must have the honest-to-God-real-document that they reviewed and approved available in their offices.

What? You can’t drive several hours to the local MOE office? Don’t tell me you have a job and can’t make it into London, Windsor or Toronto between 8:30am and 5:00pm?! Well, yeah, I guess they aren’t open on the weekends either. So really the 30 days the MOE kindly offers you to review thousands of pages,  isn’t truly “30 days”.  This sounds like one of those limited time offer coupons with a lot nasty small print.

But hey – look at all the exciting reading awaiting you in the big city! Yep, all those huge binders and coiled books are for just one project (this one pictured is Bornish – Nextera). It might take the MOE a while to dig the banker boxes out of the basement, but it’s soooo worth the wait! Happy reading (and driving, time juggling & head banging).


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