Anti-wind lawsuits stacking up in Ontario

by John Spears, The Star
Another group of Ontario landowners has filed a lawsuit against a wind power project in the escalating legal skirmishing over renewable energy. The latest action – against the East Lake St. Clair wind project near Wallaceburg – is the 10th that his firm is working on, according to lawyer Eric Gillespie, who filed the claim.

Like several previous actions by residents living near wind developments, the suit claims damages from not just the wind developer, International Power Canada. It also seeks damages from seven landowners who have leased out their property for turbines.

Gillespie said his clients are seeking a total of $9 million. “The claim is based on alleged devaluation of property,” Gillespie said in an interview. The claimants are asking to be compensated for up to the full value of their properties, he said.

Gilllespie said some studies have shown that property near wind power developments declines in value by up to 40 per cent. But he said some landowners near wind projects have found no buyers at all when they try to sell, which is why his clients are asking for the full value of their holdings in compensation. The East Lake St. Clair project is designed to deliver 99 megawatts of power, using about 55 turbines. Read article


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