MOE begrudgingly adds 15 day extension to Bornish Wind comment period

The Ministry of Environment has extended the comment period another 15 days.
Comments due November 23, 2012. 
Comment HERE

One day before the 30 day comment period for the Bornish project is over, the MOE quietly releases a statement on the EBR acknowledging a 15 day extension was added to the comment period. Sorry MOE, that is not enough, pay us in FULL!

Consider this, and perhaps you have had or are having similar issues with projects in your area. If you do, be sure to object to both the MOE and the Ontario Ombudsman’s office:

Re: Bornish Wind Comment Period — EBR Registry Number:   011-7317
Dear Ms. Rudzki,
I am requesting that an extension be added to the Bornish Wind project’s comment period, due to the following reasons:

  • Documents were not fully available on the proponent Nextera’s website until October 18th. The comment period was initiated on October 9th. With only 30 days to comment, the documents were lacking from the proponent for  9 of these days. This seems extremely unfair as we are left with blank pages to review for one third of the comment period.
    • An ad in the London Free Press from Nextera was posted on the documents of the Bornish Wind Project:
      • “Project Description Report; Design and Operations Report; Wind Turbine Specifications Report; Natural Heritage Assessment Report; Water Assessment and Water Body Report; Stage 1 and 2 Archaeological Assessment Reports; Heritage Assessment Reports; and Noise Study Report. These documents will be available for review starting on October 18 2012 on our website.
  • Until Oct 15, the Bornish Wind “Appendix F Noise Impact Assessment” was still unavailable. This document was not available at any of the company’s public open house meetings as it was submitted on September 21st , 2012 and the final public meeting was on August 15th, 2012. I had no way of reviewing this document until it was posted 9 days into the public comment period on October 16th. For a very technical and extremely important document, this is completely unacceptable and unfair as it takes much time to review such difficult material. I also found that the “Addendum Consultation Report”, dated August 29, 2012, is unavailable on the proponent Nextera’s website, yet is available at the MOE office in London. I feel I may be missing other documents if I solely rely on the proponent’s website documents.
  • The proponent’s documents are over 1500 pages of technical information. This is a very heavy load of documentation for me to study in such a short time period.
  • In order to review the fully approved project documents I understand now that I am supposed to drive a round trip of 120km into London to the Ministry of Environment’s office, where the original documents reside. This is a very lengthy trip for me to travel – it is not accessible and I know many of my neighbours are unable to ever make the trip into that office.
  • The hours of the Ministry of Environment’s office are not accommodating – I work during the day and cannot afford to take time off work to be there between 8:30am and 5:00pm on weekdays, when the office is open. Even if I could make it in to the office for one day, I would be unable to review all 1500+ pages while there, and would have to return for many more days to do a thorough review. These are documents that I have to review during my spare time, which is usually in the evening and on the weekends – but these documents are unavailable then, and I’m left to review papers that may be incorrect that are posted on the company’s website. The hours to view these documents at the MOE office are making it impossible for me to complete my comments in the given 30 days.
  • The Ministry of Environment has not been transparent in showing where the correct project documents are available. The MOE/EBR Registry does not direct us to the MOE office to view these documents. The EBR does not even say which documents we need to review. This makes the process very challenging and complicated, leading to more valuable time wasted trying to find out where and what I should be looking at, when I should have been reviewing the actual papers. I feel that I have been mislead by a) the EBR for not directing me to the correct location to retrieve documents, and b) by the wind proponent for directing me to the proponent’s website to review documents, which have turned out to be incomplete. The wind developers have never directed us to the MOE office, ever.
  • I’m finding that reviewing the correct documents is nearly impossible because of the inaccessibility – there are no digital or online documents available. They are not available at the local library or township office either.
  • The Brooke-Alvisnton Zephyr wind development received a 30 day extension when the company failed to provide a Noise Assessment to the public before the Final Public meeting. Nextera did not provide the correct Noise Assessment document until two months after the final public meeting. It would seem unfair to not provide at least equal compensation as the public received for the Zephyr project.

I am requesting that a further 30 day extension be given for the Bornish Wind Project Public comment period (EBR Registry Number: 011-7317) and that the correct documents be made available online or locally available digitally and in hardcopy. If the project documents cannot be made more accessible, I am quite certain more time than 30 days will be needed in order to drive into London, on weekdays, during daytime hours, when I, and other concerned residents can.


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