“READ-IN” PROTEST @ the MOE Friday Nov 23!

Date: Friday, November 23rd
Time: 3:00 pm
Place: 733 Exeter Rd., London  MAP

Wind project documents continue to be inaccessible from the Ministry of Environment – concerned residents looking to review the documents during comment period time cannot view them on the MOE’s website, they must travel to cities hours away to view the one hard copy document that is available to the public for a measly 30 days. The MOE office is only open 8:30am-5:00pm on Mon. to Fri., when many of us are at work.

The wind company is not even obligated to have a website. If it does have a website, the MOE does not monitor or check that the documents are correct, or even available. The EBR site does not direct concerned residents to the proponents website — it tells you to book a ‘viewing’ at the MOE offices in London or Toronto.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of this inconsiderate, non-transparent, inaccessible, unaccountable system!! We say NO to this low-class treatment!

November 23rd is the last day to comment on the Nextera Bornish Wind project. Join us for a “Read In” of documents that fill 2 banker boxes full, at the Ministry of Environment Office in London, Ontario.

Bring some notepads to write comments in, cameras to take pictures of unavailable documents etc…


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