“Cease & Desist” for NexTerror Energy? No thanks.

NexterrorBulliesMarch 22, 2013
Awanish Sinha, McCarthy Tetrault  LLP
PO Box 48, Suite 5300, Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower, Toronto, ON  M5K 1E6

Dear Mr. Sinha,

Thank you for the letter dated March 20, 2013 that was dropped between my doors the other day.

The reason I (and “we” the communities in rural Ontario) are referring to your client  Nextera as “Nexterror”, is that we feel it is “fair comment” considering this companies actions and behaviour in the past and present in our communities.

We believe that Nextera creates “errors” and “terrors” in our community, and that these facts are well known to the public and therefore these facts are notorious.

At the same time, we have published these facts on our website: Ontario Wind Resistance. They include:

Eagle Nest/ Wildlife destruction

-The “First Video” clearly shows the destruction of an eagles nest.
-The “Second Video” shows Tom Bird of Nextera saying,The authorization we got from the ministry of natural resources was to destroy this nest”.

Clearly this is terrorizing the community when 18 men with chainsaws and bulldozers descend on, and proceed to cut down an active eagles nest. Even those in favour of turbines are horrified by this despicable action.

You have no right to ask that these movies be removed, and in fact you did not give a single reason as to why you thought the “Second Video” should be removed, as “Nexterror” does not appear on it anywhere. It seems that Nextera would just like to bury this incident and remove the evidence from Youtube.

Below are some of the numerous reports published on Nextera’s destruction of the eagle nest and other wildlife and their habitats:

Community destruction

Nextera is not transparent to our community, whether it be to municipal and county officials, or those who will live with wind turbines. Below are articles that demonstrate the ‘terror’ tactics this company uses in our community:


Nextera has been excessively aggressive with forcing people and municipalities to sign agreements and easements. Their tactics have Nextera coming across as bullies.

A quote from the first article below: “Some landowners are refusing NextEra an easement for transmission lines and may ultimately be forced to co-operate through provincial orders. “We take legal action if we have to,” [Nextera] said.


Nextera has been extremely forceful lately with their legal actions and threats, as shown in the numerous published articles below.

A quote from the Tyson Dyck, legal counsel for NextEra in the first article below:“You may also know that under Ontario law there is potential liability, not only for municipalities, but also for individual municipal officials,” Dyck continued, “where there are actions taken that result in damages based on unlawful legal actions, such as the passage of a bylaw.”


Nextera ignores the health and safety concerns of the citizens of Ontario and abroad. The threat of hundreds of turbines coming to my community and destroying our health, my kids health, most definitely terrorizes me, and most others in my community.

Police and Security

Nextera is notorious for having heavy security at their public meetings. Some of the threatening and demeaning tactics used have been documented and published below. Yes, this has brought a level of terror into our communities that many of us have never experienced before in our lives.


Nextera became notorious for having ‘booking errors’ in the last year. They adverstised  and booked a meeting in a school that was closed for the summer & a township office that was too small. The advertised, but forgot to book a community centre in the summer of 2012, and again in February 2013. This is why they are also known as NextError in our communities.

Over the years these numerous articles have been published and the therefore your client is referred to as Nexterror in our community because of the above notoriety they have established. This demonstrate why we believe it is “fair comment” to refer to Nextera as “NexTerror” and “NextError”

Yours truly,

Esther Wrightman


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