Sign petition to Wynne: Stop destruction of Tundra Swan migration habitat by wind turbines

swansPetition from the Friends of Tundra Swans – Please Sign Now!

The Honourable Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario
The Honourable Jim Bradley, Minister of the Environment, Province of Ontario
Tom Mitchell, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Power Generation

Please stop the multiple wind turbine projects that will spell the destruction of the Tundra Swan migration habitat on the Thedford Bog near Grand Bend on Lake Huron.
March 24 2013- Thedford Bog, Lambton Shores – Nextera Jericho and Goshen Projects (92+64 turbines) will surround the bog.

As you know, every March 10,000-15,000 Tundra Swans migrate from the eastern USA seaboard to the Arctic tundra of Canada and Alaska. On their epic 6,500-kilometer migration the swans stop to rest and feed on the Thedford Bog flats and environs near Grand Bend on Lake Huron. The Thedford Bog area is a unique habitat ideally suited specifically for the migrating Tundra Swans, with its wide expanse of flat fields that feature large areas of ice, water and snow in March, providing safety and undisturbed quiet for resting, and food in the surrounding agricultural corn stubble fields for building strength. Tourists, photographers, bird watchers and outdoor enthusiasts flock to marvel at the spectacle of this annual migration every year. Read and SIGN Petition


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  1. Just forwarded my story and petition to 106 people on my FB page, I live 2 km from the 4 Industrial Wind Turbines on Churchill Line Watford (Zephyr). The Tundra Swans have come here every yr since I moved here in 2003, I did not see ONE this yr. Now tens of dozens of Industrial Wind Turbines are proposed between here, Watford and Grand Bend SOON,,,the Tundra Swans will change their migration route ( I hope),or they will be mangled, maimed or killed IF they keep this migration route. We must protect our biological surroundings in rural Ontario and the rest of the world. People are getting sick and having many other problems, too. But our children and our children’s children will pay the price of our stupidity if we don’t STOP THIS INSANITY, which is paid by the price of GREED, by the powers of those who control US. This is NOT a DEMOCRACY, WE THE PEOPLE, HAVE NO CHOICE!! We must FIGHT for our rights!! Sincerely, Jill MacInnis

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