Suncor picks fight over wind turbines in Plympton Wyoming

DSCN1849Chris Cooke, First Monday
Michael Southern says it is “rare step” for Suncor Energy to challenge a municipal bylaw but that’s exactly what the giant energy company is doing in Plympton Wyoming. Suncor wants to proceed with 46 huge wind turbines along the lakeshore east of Camlachie within sight of expensive homes and residential areas. Southern, manager, communications and stakeholder relations for Suncor says the company has listened to the concerns of residents and downsized the Cedar Point Wind Farm from 62 turbines to 46. “We are committed to working within valid bylaws and laws of the Province of Ontario” says Southern but in the case of Plympton Wyoming and Cedar Point admits “we may require discretion be provided by the courts”.

The turbines will be 99.5 metres high and have blades 56.5 metres long. Residents impacted by the project are enraged. However, they have an ally in Plympton Wyoming, which is challenging Cedar Point, and requiring industrial turbines be at least two kilometres from neighbouring homes. Read article


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