Nextera, Suncor – Answers needed to questions about OUR schools & YOUR wind turbines

Dear Nextera, Suncor, Media and School Board trustees,

I am quite upset to see incorrect and confusing numbers reported in the media as to how many and how close wind turbines are to be from the schools in Lambton County. It is not the media’s fault.

Nextera, Suncor: I have reviewed wind project noise documents for 4 years – I should be competent in it by now. But I find I am tearing my hair out reviewing the documents, trying to find the exact noise, and distances turbines are to the schools in your projects.

Currently, my frustration stems from:

  1. The Bosanquet elementary school does not even have a Receptor ID on the project draft map.
  2. The hundreds of receptor ID’s are not numerically ordered in the noise chart – and I honestly can’t even find the school ID (or in this case, it’s neighbour’s, because it doesn’t have an ID).
  3. At the wind developer meetings, the schools are not even identified on the large maps. Security was called over when I wrote “school” on the map location for others to be able to see. How’s THAT for informing the public?? No wonder the media doesn’t know the true numbers…

So before I rip any more hair out, I need some answers from Suncor and Nextera, to help clarify and inform the school board trustees, media and public:

*I’m requesting the data below for the Nextera Jericho, Adelaide and Bornish Projects, and Suncor Cedar Point and Adelaide Projects

  • How many turbines are within 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5km from all the schools affected by your projects?
  • What is the CUMULATIVE noise projected for all of the above mentioned schools?
  • What is the projected CUMULATIVE Shadow flicker for the above mentioned schools? Shadow flicker map please. (This has not been provided by all proponents)
  • How close will the transmission/collector lines be from the schools and playgrounds?
  • How close are the substations to the schools?

And why, Nextera and Suncor, did you stop labeling the schools on your maps? Do you not see the confusion and frustration you are causing?

An FYI to the media and trustees: measuring on a map I see the Bosanquet school looks to have at least 9 turbines less than 2km from the schooltwo of these are ~900m from the school. PLUS a substation about 1600m away. After hounding the Nextera reps at one final meeting they finally gave me the increased sound level that the Bosanquet school will have—it will be 38.4dBA. The World Health Organization recommends 35dBA for learning. I have attached a map pointing out the school and the approximate distance to the turbines. The wind developers should be able to provide something better.

This bothers me personally as my children’s school will also be surrounded in Middlesex County – Adelaide W.G. MacDonald School. I will attach this map as well. Constructed already in LKDSB is the wind project surrounding Baird Public school in Blenheim – a map and photo is attached.

The school board should also know that those of us who watched the very first project under the GEA (Thamesville) be appealed at the Environmental Review Tribunal hearing in Chatham 2 years ago, will be more than a bit upset if the advice of Dr. David Colby is sought, as he was a witness for the wind developer of that project- Suncor. He is as biased as they come and our children’s health and safety should not lie in his hands.

A prompt reply from Nextera and Suncor is requested so that the media, school boards, and the public have the correct numbers to reference.

Yours sincerely,

Esther Wrightman
, ON
Middlesex Lambton Wind Action Group


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