Enniskillen says its an “unwilling host” to turbines

enniskillin-wind Marriott PhairSarnia Lambton Independent
Enniskillen Township council says it can’t be clearer about its opposition to wind turbines in the community declaring itself an “unwilling host.” Concerns have risen in the municipality in the past two months as three wind energy companies go door-to-door in the municipality, trying to find landowners willing to have industrial wind turbines on their property. The three companies could plant as many as 51 turbines in the countryside around Petrolia.

A community group, CORE – Conservation of Rural Enniskillen, has been formed and has been pressing council to take a stand against the project.

Mayor Kevin Marriott says council has been opposed to the projects but recently took the added step of passing a motion declaring itself to be an unwilling host to the wind energy centers. “I heard this was happening in a few municipalities across the province,” Marriott says, adding council unanimously supported the move.

The motion pleased CORE spokesman Chad Burke. “I believe that our mayor, our council, is doing everything they can do to keep industrial wind turbines out of our township,” Burke says in an email. Read article


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