Paved paradise, put up a wind turbine….

Copy of IMG_0380NexTerror cut down one eagle nest in Ontario already this year, and are eying up another at the Bornish project that was just approved last week.
Please mark your calendar to join the Save the Bornish Eagles Gathering:

Date: Saturday, May 25
Time: 1:00-5:00PM
Place: West Williams Community Centre, 32217 Kerwood Road, Parkhill MAP (right beside the eagle nest)


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  1. is our goverment going nuts,or getting paid ,to let some idiots remove an eagles nest ? put your wind turbine someplace else ,like queens park,.or where the sun dont shine .william j.vanrooy.

  2. we have thousands of wind turbines and solar panels so you would think our hydro bill would come down since it has cost the ontario taxpayer over 200 million already.but ontario hydro would sooner put an other atomic reactor in then buy hydro from these windturbines and solar panels, not only that i heard our hydro bills will be going up.what the hell is going on? they are shipping the hydro from the wind turbines to the u.s.a.and our goverment is doing nothing for us, to bussy planning an other gas plant ,or some other stupid idia we can pay for? william j. vanrooy

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