Middlesex Centre NOT a willing host

not-a-willing-hostMiddlesex Centre
WHEREAS the Premier of Ontario has recently conveyed the Government’s desire to limit Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) Projects to communities that are willing hosts;

AND WHEREAS Council for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre has received a clear message from its residents that they are not willing to host to IWTs in Middlesex Centre;

AND WHEREAS Council for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre applauds the position taken by the Premier and the Government; A community of diverse citizens, rooted in rural and urban traditions, united through involvement, cooperation, and mutual respect

AND WHEREAS Council represents all citizens within the Municipality, both those in favour of wind projects and those opposed. As a result, Council needs to maintain a fair and balanced viewpoint;

AND WHEREAS council is very concerned that the Green Energy Act has substantially changed the rules for municipalities with respect to wind farm developments by removing municipal control over development applications through the traditional zoning requirements under the planning act approvals for wind project developments are now controlled by the Ministry of Environment through the Renewable Energy Approval process, a legislative development that the council strongly opposes;

AND WHEREAS Section 41 of the Electricity Act requires that a municipality provide to wind project developers without charge access to and use of its road for both construction and maintenance of its turbines and electrical infrastructure, including transmission lines;

AND WHEREAS future jobs of Ontario are going to hinge on efficient energy costs, by subsidizing the cost of energy by these wind projects, we are limiting the future growth of Ontario;

THEREFORE based on the consistent position of Council for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre and the input received from the community regarding IWT’s, the Province of Ontario and specifically the Ministry of Environment be now advised that the Municipality of Middlesex Centre is “NOT A WILLING HOST” for IWT`s;

AND THAT this resolution be circulated to Premier Kathleen Wynne, as well as to the Minister of Environment, Minister of Energy, Minister of Rural Affairs and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.


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  1. william.vanrooy

    were ASS the ministry of the enviroment ,who was supose to look after the pig factorys not poluting our fields ,the factories started to haul liqued manure saterday morning 6 am 3 – 8000 gallon tankers per hour 24000 thousand gallons ,till 12 midnite 22 hours about half a million gallons ,and the goverment is not to be found, and when you call them on monday they say its to late now. what a buch of b.s. you think the ministry of the environment is going to do something about the wind turbines, for our health?? HELL NO. w.vanrooy

  2. william.vanrooy

    florida power should put the wind turbines around disney world, that way everybody could see the nice windmils ,and dont micky mouse in ontario, who the hell do you think you are? stop pushing the people from ontatio around, and get the hell out of town NOW!!! w.vanrooy

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