Deb Matthews’ Garden Party (with a rural Ontario flavour)

IMG_0416Yesterday afternoon we protested in London with a whole FIVE people at Health Minister/Deputy Premier Deb Matthews’ swanky garden party. I suppose if it were a meek five it would have been rather boring… was far from that though.

We chanted, educated, made the Liberals cringe for about an hour and a half on that hot afternoon. Deb stayed in the centre of the yard, surrounded by ‘her people’.

IMG_0418Her aide came out early on (before we got going vocally) and said he was glad to see were “respectful” and not like some of those people you see (ahem…) chanting and yelling on TV against turbines (I know, don’t laugh too hard – we were in dresses- he didn’t recognize us!).

I looked him in the eye and said, “You see those people on the front of the paper protesting wind turbines?”

“Yeah…?” he says, glancing up.

IMG_0397“That’s us.” (I tried not to let a smile spread a cross my face, as his noticeably dropped.)

“Oh well, then, let’s see if we can keep this protest quiet and if you can do that than maybe Deb will come out and speak to you.”

I said, “That would be nice, she has refused to meet with us so many times.”

Just then two of the others start up the first chant at the other end of the sidewalk. Panic is all over this young man’s face. I raise my eyebrows and say, “Uh-oh, you better go get Deb quick…”.IMG_0395

He quickly stammers, “OK, you go and try to keep them quiet, and I’ll see what I can do to get Deb to speak to you.”

”That’s a deal – you get Deb, I’ll ask them to keep quiet for a bit, but if she doesn’t come, it’s going to get worse because I have noooo control over them.”

She didn’t come, so out came the megaphone. That sucker can drown out any “My, My Miss American Pie” that they tried to crank up on their stereo system.

IMG_0410Then up the sidewalk trots Chris Bentley’s aide, whom we had got to know quite well in his dying days as Energy Minister. She didn’t look all that perky anymore – very anxious, and recognized us immediately (doing better than Deb’s aide on that one). We asked her why our 300 letters didn’t get responded to as promised.

Her response was, “You got what you wanted, didn’t you??”.


“Chris is gone now and that’s what you wanted, wasn’t it? So you should be happy.”

We had to explain to her that actually, in case she missed it after all our meetings, and letters, and visits to his office, we really just wanted the wind turbines gone…who cares about Chris.

IMG_0398“Well, we’re all out of a job now”, she says, with tears welling up in her eyes. (OK, so we didn’t exactly exude sympathy to this).

She turns on her heel and walks on up the path, into the land of Liberals.

But M wasn’t done, she says to the back of the little red dress walking up the garden path, “Maybe if you guys would have DONE YOU JOB you would still have one!!”.IMG_0414

On an up note, you wouldn’t believe how educated the young men with tattoos, long hair, skateboards and bikes are in London. I’m am dead serious! They were unpolished city boys but we had about 5 or so of them stop in taht short period of time and talk for a good length – they knew about the repetitive noise, the red lights, the lies and deceit – they CARED!!! They supported us! Even helped take a picture for us, and another loaned us a sharpie marker (-;

And the fancy suited snobs drinking up their $350 tickets inside the garden gate chose not to learn nor care. One even went so far as to say, “I never think about you guys, and I never will”. (Don’t worry though, he was verbally creamed by the other angry M as he scurried off the down the street – that was priceless – and I think now he WILL remember us, and think of us now!).


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